Sketchy Erdogan Whines: “U.S. Waging Economic War Against Turkey”….

In what can only be described as the nonsensical rantings of an ideologue who refuses to even fathom the geopolitical Trump changes around him, Turkish President Recep Erdogan writes an op-ed in the New York Times to tell Americans POTUS Trump, and like-minded allies, are bullying/destroying the Turkish economy because his authoritarian regime has imprisoned an American pastor.


This is not difficult to figure out.  Release American pastor Andrew Brunson, and President Trump will consider stopping. Keep the U.S. citizen detained and President Trump will continue destroying the Turkish economy.  This is not hard to figure out once you accept the United States is unapologetically going to target any nation that targets American citizens.

President Erdogan is finding out that Brunson is the most expensive hostage in the history of hostage taking; however, with POTUS Trump in command it’s the kidnappers paying the price…. funny how that happens.

Further into Erdogan’s diatribe he warns: “a failure to reverse this trend of unilateralism and disrespect will require us to start looking for new friends and allies.” Again hilarious.

DO IT.  Please, DO IT.  Leave NATO and the U.S./Europe is no longer constrained to confront the extremist duplicity of Turkey.   Remember, when Turkey shot down the Russian fighter jet in November 2015?… then ran behind the skirt of NATO for protection against Russian retaliation.  Remember that?

Recep Erdogan now threatens to form closer relationships with Russia as retaliation for the way the U.S. and NATO allies are confronting his duplicity.  Hollow threats.  Remember when the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was killed by a Turkish jihadist shouting allahu akbar?

Between extremist Turkey shooting down the SU-24 (’15 )and then extremist Turkey killing the Russian ambassador (’16), it’s not like Russia would not welcome the opportunity for greater, shall we say, “influence”, with an intended goal of retribution.

From the Op-Ed:

…[…] “In recent weeks, the United States has taken a series of steps to escalate tensions with Turkey, citing the arrest by the Turkish police of an American citizen, Andrew Brunson, on charges of aiding a terrorist organization. Instead of respecting the judicial process, as I urged President Trump to do in our many meetings and conversations, the United States issued blatant threats against a friendly nation and proceeded to impose sanctions on several members of my cabinet. This decision was unacceptable, irrational and ultimately detrimental to our longstanding friendship.” …

Embrace the pain Erdogan; it is not going to stop.

…”He’s horrid, just horrid; there’s no telling what that, that man, will do next…. and the mean tweets are, well, just too much…. Too much.  But still… yet… it, his people seem to like him more than our own people seem to like us… how can this be? America this, America that, always with this America-First nonsense.. He’s horrible”…  “Junker even got smashed this morning because he couldn’t calm his nerves again. Poor man”… “The beast just terrifies all of us” …  “Shhhh, I think he’s coming”…


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