Deregulation in Focus – Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Discusses Massive U.S. Energy Objectives…

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke discusses one of the epicenter issues surrounding U.S. economic growth and the importance of energy independence.  Secretary Zinke discusses the objective within reaching a production output of 14 million barrels per day of U.S. Oil and natural gas by 2020.

Energy independence is one of the specific examples of creating another economic pie, as opposed to trying to carve up and distribute existing ones.  Energy is one of our biggest and underappreciated assets.  Think about how GDP growth expands when the economy adds an entire export sector that was previously non-existent.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is joined by Southern Ute Indian Tribe Councilman Adam Red to discuss boosting U.S. oil production, drilling on the Ute Indian Tribe’s land, deregulation and reforming regulations such as the Endangered Species Act.

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