John Solomon: Bruce Ohr Testimony Shows Politically Motivated DOJ and FBI Ignored Warnings…

John Solomon has a well-written article at The Hill outlining the leaked transcript from Bruce Ohr together with his own sources.  The key point Solomon focuses upon is how Bruce Ohr warned DOJ and FBI officials about the political intents and specifics behind the inbound information from Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS.  [Read Here]

(L-R) Christopher Steele – Bruce Ohr – Glenn Simpson

The primary aspect to Ohr’s testimony is how strongly he warned officials at the FBI (Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, James Baker, Peter Strzok, Joe Pientka), and officials in DOJ Main Justice (Andrew Weissmann, Bruce Swartz, Zainab Ahmad), about the political intents and purposes behind the information that eventually became “The Steele Dossier”.

In essence Bruce Ohr told the FBI and Main Justice, right at the outset of their Crossfire Hurricane operation, that Chris Steele’s work product was an assembly of political opposition research specifically paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Under all ordinary circumstances this under oath revelation would be a game changer; particularly because two of those in Main Justice who knew about the political construct, Zainab Ahmad and Andrew Weissmann, are currently officials directly on the Robert Mueller probe.  However, in the highly partisan era of Trump-hate, the media will completely ignore the scale of this admission by Bruce Ohr.

Additionally, not only did FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe ignore the warnings; but apparently McCabe failed to tell Director James Comey about the nature of Ohr’s warnings prior to Comey signing off on the FISA application against Carter Page.

On the Main Justice side of the FISA application, Bruce Ohr’s internal warnings did not stop Deputy AG Sally Yates from also signing off on the FISA application that utilized the highly political opposition research turned into an intelligence product.

Lastly, this testimony from Bruce Ohr is evidence the HPSCI minority memo written by Adam Schiff was entirely false in their framing of the Steele Dossier as it was used in the FISA application.

The DOJ and FBI were specifically warned the dossier was political opposition research; compiled by anti-Trump efforts from Fusion-GPS and Christopher Steele and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.   However, the DOJ and FBI chose to use it regardless of sourcing/verification and without informing the FISA court.

Again, under normal circumstances this new evidence would fundamentally change the media outlook toward the entire two-plus year narrative, and we could interpret the discovery as a game-changer.  However, given how thoroughly the media have abdicated any semblance of integrity, unfortunately it’s likely no-one in the MSM will allow new facts to interrupt their carefully created narrative.

After a year of revelations/expectations that go no-where, the tick-tock-club finally have a key piece of evidence that should start turning the proverbial tide.  However, without a specific, direct, formal and official DOJ/FBI outline (press conference etc.), drawing national attention to the Bruce Ohr revelation, there’s also a possibility people who realize the significance are left alone in the woods shouting at trees…



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