Who’s Behind Free Energy Disclosure? David Wilcock Exclusive Interview On EOW [Part 3/3]

Premiered Dec 14, 2018

Who is the solar power engineer genius behind the free energy generator and batteries that could be brought to your home in the near future? David Wilcock explains all on our part 3/3 in this exclusive interview where we dive deep into David’s prediction for 2019 and the future of #FreeEnergy, how the Deep State has infiltrated every aspect of our arts and culture, ancient structures on Mars, and why the cabal are afraid of people growing their innate spiritual nature. So hold on tight as we present you with this part 3 of 3 series episode with David Wilcock on Edge of Wonder. Part 1: California WILDFIRE: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching TRUTH, Exclusive Interview http://bit.ly/DW_EOW_Wildfire_1 Part2: The Whole TRUTH by David Wilcock, Exclusive Interview [Part 2/3] http://bit.ly/911_DW_truth Check out David’s articles at: https://divinecosmos.com/ David Wilcock’s official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/davidwil… (1:56) Division in the UFO Community and Structures found on Mars (6:17) How the #Cabal has infiltrated our arts and culture (8:47) The Cabal’s plan on world rule (25:23) Discussion on the battle between the #Alliance and the Cabal during the 1980’s leading up to today *(34:40) David Wilcock’s prediction for 2019 along with our Free Energy Discussion (41:23) Why the cabal are afraid of people growing their innate spiritual nature


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