Watch the Biden Launch…

[…] “They’re going to launch strategically all over the country,” an operative with knowledge of Biden’s strategy said. “They’ll have people in place in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and roll out endorsements from elected officials all over the country, so when they come out they can have this show of force.”  (read more)

Watch the launch. Remember, nothing about the DNC club plan is happenstance; nothing is organic; everything is astroturf; everything is planned.  Planning, strategy, coordination and conniving scheme to position optics and narratives is the expertise of the club. This is what they do; this is all they do.  Pelosi and Schumer are part of the operational plan.

The DNC is predictable; it’s a club.  Inside the club the board members control everything. From the outside, it appears Joe Biden still holds the most board member votes.  The test run to bring out all the ‘creepy Joe’ trouble appears to have worked.  He goes silent and re-emerges having left the creepy memes in the past.  Smart play.

Again, planning and strategy is one of the key elements of the Democrat party.  It might seem weird at first, but the DNC club is not chaotic; and that is their weakness. It makes them predictable.

The chosen-one would generally come into play immediately after the democrats have set down a larger trumpeted baseline. The chosen-one roll out would be designed to flow from the Club’s baseline political narrative. The Democrats rarely, if ever, go off script….

Knowing it’s likely the ♦UniParty DNC is following a similar ♦UniParty RNC strategy, we can start to put the personal characteristics and political traits together and contrast them against 2016. Here’s the way it looks so far:

  • Senator Ted Cruz was to 2016…. as Senator Elizabeth Warren is to 2020
  • ♦Governor Jeb Bush was to 2016 as….
  • Senator Marco Rubio was to 2016… as Mayor Pete Buttigieg is to 2020
  • Governor John Kasich was to 2016… as Senator Bernie Sanders is to 2020
  • Senator Lindsey Graham was to 2016 as… Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is to 2020
  • Governor Mike Huckabee was to 2016… as Senator Corey Booker is to 2020
  • Senator Rand Paul was to 2016…. as Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is to 2020
  • Dr. Ben Carson was to 2016… as Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is to 2020
  • Governor Chris Christie was to 2016 as… Governor J. Hickenlooper is to 2020
  • Governor Scott Walker was to 2016 as… Governor Jay Inslee is to 2020
  • Senator Rick Santorum was to 2016…. as Senator Sherrod Brown is to 2020
  • Governor George Pataki was to 2016 as…. Eric Swalwell is to 2020
  • Governor Rick Perry was to 2016…. as Senator Kamala Harris is to 2020
  • Governor Bobby Jindal was to 2016…. as Julian Castro is to 2020
  • Carly Fiorina was to 2016 as…. Senator Amy Klobuchar is to 2020
  • Governor Jim Gilmore was to 2016 as… Rep. Tim Ryan is to 2020

Reminder, despite their current stumbling with their executive suite efforts, anyone who is announcing their presidential bid ahead of Speaker Pelosi and the DNC delivering the election narrative (impeachment or similar) is not part of the DNC plan.

Pelosi and Club leadership will not easily give up on an impeachment plan that took months of effort.  They will work to modify it, shift angles of attack, adjust to Barr and yet still hope to retain the goal for as long as possible.

They don’t give up on these schemes easily….. As we saw admitted two weekends ago from Jerry Nadler, and reaffirmed this week, they are modifying their plans as each roadblock presents.

The “Chosen One” will surface during the April/May to June/July period when the legislative ‘impeachment‘ crew, the DNC crew and the media crew have been able to align the scheme for maximum political benefit.

We will most likely be able to identify the “Chosen One” by: (#1) the Pelosi narrative (when cemented) and everyone falls in line; and (#2) the “roll out” that accompanies the announcement. [ex. remember the Greek columns, trumpets, pomp, etc.?]

Watch the launch.

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