Trump Rape Accuser, E Jean Carrol, Has a Rather Unusual History of Perspectives on Men…

E Jean Carrol made headlines recently with her rather bizarre and sketchy claims of a forced sexual encounter with Donald Trump in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room two decades ago. President Trump denies even knowing who she is…. but the media, well, you know…. OrangeManBad; so anything goes.

In addition to personifying an abject lack of credibility Ms. Carrol just imploded on CNN with Anderson Cooper, explaining her definition of rape is not sexual, nor doe it include sex.  However, before getting to that recent development, a historic reference to Ms. Carrol is, well, weird.

(h/t BAXT3R) In 1995 E. Jean Carroll shares her unique perspectives on an Esquire article, “Do Women Love Men?” and discusses changing gender roles with Charlie Rose:

(Link to Charlie Rose Interview Website)

Moving forward to 2019, here’s the latest round of bizarre I can’t even describe.

Cameron Cawthorne@Cam_Cawthorne


Cameron Cawthorne@Cam_Cawthorne

Anderson Cooper went straight to commercial right after this comment.

Embedded video

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At this point it’s difficult to imagine anyone lending credibility to this claim. Then again, this is 2019, and the media is fraught with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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