Doug Collins Discusses Democrat Meetings and Secret Negotiation/Preparation with Mueller…

The motives for Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff to call-up former special counsel Robert Mueller are transparently obvious.  The committees are hoping to weaponize Mueller’s appearance to attain a political edge; and that’s why committee staff have spent weeks in detailed coaching and strategy sessions with Robert Mueller and his Lawfare team members.

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins discusses the political collusion between Mueller, the DOJ/FBI “small group” and the House committee chairmen.

Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff have constructed the rules so there’s only one hour of open hearing, and one hour of closed-door testimony, per committee? C’mon man !! Their purpose to protect Mueller from questions about the corrupt investigation is stupidly visible.


There’s additional value in the notation from Bill Hemmer as he shares his discussion with Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes for those with eyes and ears to accept.

Does this sound like a statement from a well-informed man who has “confidence” in the current positions of Bill Barr at the U.S. Department of Justice?


It looks to me like Nunes can see DC’s institutional history preservation repeating; and he’s warning AG “Bondo” Barr that ‘we the people‘ might just know too much on this one to accept the typical DC cover-up maneuver.



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