Adam Schiff Demands Mike Flynn Testimony – Sidney Powell Says ‘Go Spit’…

The Democrats return from summer vacation intending to pick right-back-up where they failed in the spring… Yup, back to the ridiculous Muh Russia Collusion Conspiracy as advanced by the insufferable head weasel of the HPSCI, Chairman Adam Schiff.

Chairman Schiff sends a copy of a letter (full pdf below) to his collaborative narrative engineers in the media.  The letter outlines committee efforts to force testimony from  Michael Flynn, and the response from Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell dismissing the political grandstanding of Schiff and his ‘beat-a-dead-horse‘ Russian constituents.

According to the letter sanctimonious Schiff says Flynn’s new counsel, Sidney Powell, “exhibits a troubling degree of unprofessionalism” in conversations with committee staffers and Mr. Schiff’s legal aides borrowed from the Lawfare community of resistance operatives.  Good for her.

Last week, Sidney Powell filed a brief with judge Emmet Sullivan outlining serious allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in the Flynn case.  A hearing in Judge Sullivan’s court is scheduled for tomorrow, September 10th.

Here’s Schiff’s letter:


Here’s Powell’s Brief:


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