Key Dates Highlight Pre-planning of Impeachment Agenda – Pelosi, Schiff, and The Hand-off To Nadler…

There is a lot of rapid information about events worth putting into a calendar context to see the democrat mapping.   David Holmes has just been added to Thursday’s public impeachment testimony (Nov 21st); he will join Fiona Hill.  In essence this rapid addition highlights Schiff on a tight schedule, and his portion ends November 21st, this week.

Additionally today, as expected, it is now reported that Pelosi will take up a short-term continuing resolution (CR) tomorrow to fund government; that will push govt funding to December 20th aligning with the mid-December budget vote plans: Impeach, USMCA and budget).  This intentionally designed delay aligns with Pelosi and House counsel Doug Letter requesting a delay in SCOTUS review of arguments for Trump Taxes.  Everything gets punted to after Thanksgiving; then mid-December they will flood the zone.

However, outside of the House control, Lindsey Graham has announced Dec 11th as the date for Horowitz to testify, which makes the likely FISA report on/around Dec. 2nd.

It’s worth putting it all into a calendar to see how the end of the year is shaping up.

♦Tuesday November 19th – 9 a.m ET: Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, the Ukraine usurper on the National Security Council, and Jennifer Williams, the executive usurper/aide to Vice President Mike Pence will testify.  Then at 2:30pm ET Kurt D. Volker, the former United States special envoy to Ukraine, and Timothy Morrison, a Europe and Russia expert for the National Security Council will testify.

♦Tuesday November 19th – Unknown time, the House will vote a short-term CR funding government until December 20th.  This pushes the budget vote into mid-december. This is all by careful design.

♦Wednesday November 20th – 9am ET:  Ambassador Gordon D. Sondland, the United States ambassador to the European Union, will deliver testimony.  At 2:30pm ET Laura K. Cooper, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russian, Ukrainian and Eurasian affairs, and David Hale, the under secretary of state for political affairs will deliver public testimony.

♦Thursday November 21st – 9am ET: Ms. Fiona Hill, the National Security Council’s former senior director for Europe and Russia (originally thought Vindman was sketchy leaker); and David Holmes, a political counselor at the U.S. embassy in Kyiv (just added), will give their public testimony.

Unless something changes, Thursday ends the Adam Schiff public hearing part of the impeachment inquiry; and everything is transferred to the House Judiciary Committee for “official impeachment proceedings”.   This also ends the House legislative session until after Thanksgiving (return Monday, December 2nd).

♦Friday November 22nd –  The DOJ Inspector General closes the “principal review phase” for interests to review the upcoming IG FISA report and provide their feedback for consideration within the report.   The IG then begins to put the finishing details on the report…. we enter Thanksgiving week.

♦Monday December 2nd – Congress returns for the final two legislative weeks of the year.

♦Monday December 2nd – The most likely date for the release of the IG report on FISA abuse, though it potentially could be released on Thanksgiving week.

♦December 3rd – 6th: The House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Jerry Nadler, likely takes over the impeachment hearing agenda. [In the period between November 22nd and December 2nd, the HPSCI will be sending over the Lawfare impeachment report and underlying evidence.]

♦December 9th through December 12th – The final week of the year for the House of Representatives to vote on all of the strategically punted issues.  There will likely be an official impeachment vote in this period; and the “inquiry” will end.  The vote will be to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin the “official” impeachment hearings.

In this final legislative week there are currently three key issues Pelosi will have scheduled as priorities:  (1) The full house impeachment vote to authorize the HJC to conduct the “official” impeachment investigation.  (2) A full house budget vote to fund government through the end of the 2020 election year; and (3) Likely a full house vote for the USMCA.

The USMCA and Budget will be pushed as bipartisan chaff and countermeasures to hide the impeachment authorization vote.  It’s not a final vote to impeach, it is a full House vote to initiate the House Judiciary Committee phase.

♦Wednesday December 11th – Right in the middle of the last House legislative week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Given that the House Judiciary Committee will be tied up with the House impeachment process; and given the nature of the report they would prefer did not have exposure; Jerry Nadler will likely not hear any testimony in the House from Horowitz.

♦Thursday December 12th – the House recesses for the Christmas Holiday.

This is the way things look now…. things can/could change… but that’s the broad outline.

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