Matt Whitaker Discusses Why the FBI Targeted Lt. General Michael Flynn…

Former Acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker appears on Fox News to discuss the DOJ decision to drop the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the ongoing revelations about prior FBI activity. Mr. Whitaker also gives his opinion of current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

With Michael Flynn trapped on the burning roof of a corrupt institution the problem for Barr upon arrival was how to rescue Flynn without admitting Main Justice and the FBI is on fire.  Fortuitously in January 2020 the FISA Court provided cover, an escape route, for Bill Barr to deal with the problem:

….[LINK] The only way I can see out of this mess; the one crack in the current lock box; is the FISA court order for the DOJ to present the identified downstream consequences from fraud upon the court. The FISC might actually be the ladder truck here. With the DOJ and FBI currently assembling the investigative consequences, ie. the sequestration material, Flynn’s current legal status might be identified as an outcropping of fraud…

That appears to be exactly what happened.

As a result of the January FISC order, Bill Barr recruited five U.S. Attorneys to review all of the cases handled by special counsel Robert Mueller {Go Deep}.

The review crosses all judicial venues, and the objective was/is to identify any evidence that was obtained as a result of fraudulently obtained surveillance authorities.

It does not appear coincidental the number of U.S. attorney’s recruited matches the number of targets prosecuted by Robert Mueller’s special counsel team.

It looks like one USAO was assigned to review each prosecution from Mueller’s initial target list, Rod Rosenstein’s authorizing scope memo. [Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, and REDACTED (likely Trump himself)]

To address the consequences of fraudulently obtained FISA warrants the DOJ and FBI informed the court they would begin a process to “sequester” all collected evidence from all four FISA warrants. [FISA COURT LINK]

Sequestering the evidence is essentially a search for what investigative material the FISA warrants were used to obtain; ie. the search for the fruit of the poisoned tree; and then a review of all DOJ/FBI cases that may have utilized that investigative material.

In late January the DOJ contacted the FISA court and asked for an extension to the deadline.  The FISA court granted an extension until February 5th [LINK] A week after the deadline expired, DC media started reporting on FIVE newly assigned DOJ lawyers.

One of those DOJ lawyers was USAO Jeff Jensen from Missouri.

Jensen was assigned to review the Flynn case and all of the documents attached to the investigation therein.  It was with this authority and DOJ responsibility that U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen worked to collect, highlight and release background material.  Ultimately culminating in showing the corrupt FBI activity behind the Flynn prosecution; and the subsequent dropping of charges.

It is important to keep the motives and approach of Main Justice in mind when considering what might come next.

Again, accepting institutional preservation is the ultimate objective, this context is very important because it explains and reconciles why AG Barr keeps praising current FBI Director Wray; and accepting plausible denials from Obama’s primary officials (ex. Yates).


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