Lisa Page Starts New Political Job as MSNBC Analyst…

The notoriously political DOJ lawyer who was assigned to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, has joined notoriously political DOJ lawyer Andrew Weissmann as a paid MSNBC analyst. The media are not even pretending any more.

Laughably, the media assembly of highly partisan DOJ and FBI officials continues.

However, apparently the left-wing media does not think the American electorate will see all of these political operatives, gathering under one collective presence, as an indication of their extreme bias and political intent.  They have no credibility left to burn.

MSNBC Public Relations


Embedded video


MSNBC just debuted its new legal analyst: Lisa Page, who had those embarrassing anti-Trump texts as an FBI agent whose role in the Russia probe came under such harsh scrutiny

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The media are all-in in their visible resistance.

The narrative engineering is going to get a lot worse in the coming months.

At this point it is simply absurd.

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