The Rise and Decline of Occupy Wall Street

Billionaire-compromised OWS have morphed into the useful idiot Bolsheviks of our day

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The Rise and Decline of Occupy Wall Street

It hasn’t yet dawned on drum-thumping Occupy Wall Street (OWS) that their raison d’être is now Gone Like The Wind.

“Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was a protest movement against economic inequality that began in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City’s Wall Street financial district, in September 2011.It gave rise to the wider Occupy movement in the United States and other countries.” (Wikipedia)

“The main issues raised by Occupy Wall Street were social and economic inequality, greed, corruption and the undue influence of corporations on government—particularly from the financial services sector.

“The OWS slogan, “We are the 99%”, refers to income and wealth inequality in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population. To achieve their goals, protesters acted on consensus-based decisions made in general assemblies which emphasized redress through direct action over the petitioning to authorities.”

In the politics of the present day, in terms of their influence on the body politic, the wealthy are no longer the 1%—but the 99%—a dramatic change that leaves OWS out of touch and therefore out of business.

Radical activists like OWS, fanning the flames of America’s transformation over to Socialism, are, as Fox News host Laura Ingraham aptly described them:  “the billionaires and “Bolsheviks”.

OWS activists, today beginning a 50-day occupation of Lafayette Park and “pop-up sieges in front of federal buildings across the nation”, have been left behind.

The entire world—including OWS—has been turned upside down on its head.  OWS activists who masqueraded as defenders of the 99% are now riding on the coat tails of the bourgeoise.

OWS would be best defined in this manner: “The middle classes – gaining wealth and power from trade and manufacture – challenged the power and authority of the old rulers. But at this stage a new struggle was formed between the bourgeoisie (the property owning class) and the proletariat (the industrial working class).”

All the White Noise and static they are now putting on public display won’t change their morph-out in the slightest.

Children, after all, are best seen and not heard.

“In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue on Tuesday, host Laura Ingraham warned voters of the “unholy alliance” being forged between wealthy liberals and radical “Bolshevik” politicians in the Democratic Party like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. (Fox News, Sept. 16, 2020)

“Ingraham said the two sides of the far left are coming together to “prop up” Joe Biden in order to take power by proxy if the Delaware Democrat is elected president.
“It’s important that we examine the twin forces behind the Biden candidacy: The billionaires and the Bolsheviks,” she said.

“Ingraham said former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire media and tech mogul, signaled with his $100 million pledge to help Biden in Florida that the “billionaire class” rallying behind the former vice president is becoming nervous.

“Bloomberg hates the tariffs because they make it harder to do big deals in China. He’s one of at least 132 prominent billionaires that are supporting Biden. First, there’s [Microsoft co-founder] Bill Gates. He seems to be rooting for a Biden win in November as well. After all, he and Biden share the same agenda. They agree on appeasing China, a national mask mandate and no return to normalcy without a vaccine.”

“Ingraham said that former Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer is among the other billionaires backing Biden in hopes of gaining access to some levers of power—and added that Apple founder “Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene is part owner of “The Atlantic” magazine that ran what the host called a “smear piece” on Trump because she strongly dislikes him.

“They despise President Trump’s America First agenda. The billionaire crowd prefers an America where there’s always a glut of labor. What does that mean? It means there’s no pressure on companies to raise wages.”

“Ingraham suggested that the billionaire class in the Democratic Party doesn’t need a “functioning government” or law and order because they have unfettered access to walls, helicopters, and private security—in an apparent reference to the far-left protesters causing violence and unrest in cities from Lancaster, Pa., to Portland, Ore.

“The other force supporting Biden are the modern-day Bolsheviks—the AOC types,” Ingraham continued.

“They believe that America is an awful, rotten, racist country. They plan to punish anyone that gets in the way of their cultural revolution,” she said.

The Canadian anti-consumerist and pro-environment group/magazine Adbusters initiated the call for a protest.

OWS, whose 50-day occupation of America hadn’t been heard from as of press time today, will be caught up in their own sound cacophony when they do:

“Hey all you activists, artists, musicians out there,

“Picture this: On street corners across America, a few musicians gather here, a few there . . . a brassy riff starts drifting, lilting above city thoroughfares and suburban byways . . . a swell of drums tumbling, trumpets crooning, basses thumping, saxophones wailing. As the thrum reaches a melancholy crescendo, the air itself becomes steeped in a deep blue revolutionary hue.

“The sound implores you to give in to its evolving, swirling pull . . . to respond, to step out, trust your instincts — and act.
It’s the sound of jazz:

“bold, soulful, joyous, collaborative, improvisational.

“And, with a bit of luck, it’s going to swallow up the whole country for 50 days, starting this Thursday, September 17th — and remind it of the revolutionary mettle that it’s made of.

“Bring courage and wits — and your musical chops — to a street corner near you . . . and to pop-up sieges in front of federal buildings across the nation . . . and as the election approaches, to the White House in Washington, D.C.

“America doesn’t know what it’s about to hear.

“See (and hear) you starting September 17th.”

Meanwhile, billionaire-compromised OWS have morphed into the useful idiot Bolsheviks of our day.

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