FBI Director Chris Wray On The Bubble?…

Let’s be honest.  If the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) was not so comprehensively corrupt, it’s likely FBI Director Christopher Wray would have been replaced a long time ago.  Wray is an abject failure in his position. [Recent Example Here]

Yesterday, President Trump calls out FBI Director Chris Wray for his ridiculous attachment to the vast Russian conspiracy theory:


From the FBI recently ‘taking a knee‘ to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists; to the ridiculous -and manipulative- 2018 claims by the FBI director in the Cesar Sayoc case (“energetic material that may become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”); to Director Wray’s 2018 claim that no political bias exists within the FBI yet he was going to immediately require bias training; to the FBI participating in the pre-dawn raid of Roger Stone; to the 40 FBI agents assigned to Robert Mueller; everything Director Wray has claimed is a complete farce and makes a mockery of the FBI as an institution.

It is not a question of “if” Chris Wray will be replaced, the issue is really about ‘when’ that will happen. Just like President Trump had to wait to fire failed AG Jeff Sessions until the day after the mid-term election, it appears the firing of FBI Director Chris Wray will have to wait until after the 2020 election.

Half of the country, if not more, no longer have any confidence in the FBI as a functional institution. From missed alerts about Islamic extremism due to political correctness, to missed warnings and alerts surrounding mentally unstable school shooters (Parkland HS), the FBI has long-been recognized as a dysfunctional institution; however, now the severity of that dysfunction has more sunlight.

Keep in mind former FBI Director James Comey organized secret recordings, secret investigations, manipulative investigative meetings and secret transcripts of his contacts with U.S. President Trump; only to secretly release them to the media with intent to manipulate the political narrative… while at the same time the FBI is blaming Russia for election interference. Think about that dichotomy for a few minutes.


…. Simultaneously Black Lives Matter and Antifa domestic terror groups are rioting, burning, attacking law enforcement and taking armed hostile encampments inside urban areas, and the FBI is focused on the mysteriously invisible “white supremacists”:


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