Why we need a Separation of State from the Pharmaceutical Industry

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Apr 7, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Hi from New Zealand, they are rolling out the vaccines here. Me and my family don’t want it as thats our decision. If they come down hard on us with our jobs ‘no jab no job’ are there any human right lawyers out there?
Kind regards


ANSWER: I know a few people who insisted on the one-jab Johnson & Johnson since it is not a DNA altering vaccine. My main problem with these vaccines remains that they are experimental and do NOT have official FDA approval – only emergency use.

Anyone who is planning to have children should opt for the version of Johnson & Johnson. There is no information whatsoever with respect to the long-term and would the alteration be transmitted to your children. My real concern is that this has become POLITICAL and as such, where the government is supposed to regulate the private industry to protect our health, they are in league with them. There is NO independent verification of anything and now that politicians are involved, they CANNOT ever admit that they made a mistake. I have worked with governments for about 40 years. There is no way politicians will EVER admit a mistake of this magnitude – ain’t never gonna happen!

We are on our own! Just as there should be a separation of church and state, there MUST be a separation of state from the pharmaceutical industry (i.e. Bill Gates and crew). As I said with Gavi, Bill Gates has not only ensured that they are totally immune from liability, but the police cannot even enter their offices in Switzerland. NOBODY should be immune for then why bother making sure your vaccine is safe?

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