CDC Ministry of COVID Compliance Issues New Guidelines for Freedom Activity Outdoors – Creates Tiered Liberty Outlook Based on Vaccination Status

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 27, 2021 | Sundance | 424 Comments

Comrades, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), also known as the U.S. Ministry of COVID compliance, has released new guidelines for outdoor expressions of liberty and freedom.  [SEE GUIDELINES HERE]  Within the guidelines vaccinated people are now permitted to engage in activity without masks.  However, non-compliant citizens -those who refuse the non FDA approved emergency vaccination- are still required to wear masks.  [LINK]

Thus, the CDC ministry is now establishing a new protocol to divide the American citizenry.  Two classes of individuals: vaccinated -vs- non vaccinated.

Vaccinated people will be permitted greater freedom; and may -depending on checkpoints unregulated (so far) by government officials- engage in conduct according to rules created by multinational corporations.  Compliant citizens will have access to venues, services and freedom based on the arbitrary rules of the state and business.

Non-Vaccinated, non-compliant citizens, are considered subversive to the interests of the state, and will -again as determined by private corporations and government officials- be barred from engagement in some activity.  The freedom fulcrum is being moved right in front of our eyes and the majority of U.S. citizens are seemingly oblivious to it.

Comrade dissidents, this should not come as a surprise.  Factually, CTH has been saying this is the intent of the leftist division in the United States for well over a decade.  I even asked readers  in May of 2011 which choice will they make because CTH anticipated THIS is exactly where we would be.  While we did not know the mechanism, we did know the goal.

It is stunning how many Americans are blindly accepting these rules, limits and dictates without questioning the premise behind them.  However, this blind obedience to the administrative state is exactly what the indoctrination schools have been preparing for decades.

The rise of the Lightbringer, Obama, was a stark warning… and only a few noticed; now we suffer the consequences.

We are traveling on a continuum; a path that is predictable, yet so many deny the logical consequence.  The untested, non-fda-approved, emergency use vaccination, is being pushed by federal and state government.  It is stunning how many people are willing to give up liberty and freedom in a quest to attain a safety and security that is a figment of leftist manipulation.

This is the picture we presented a decade ago.  CAN YOU SEE IT NOW?

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