The Cash Cow

Posted originally on on AUG 26, 2021 AT 1:37 PM

You can’t make money off of healthy people

Big Pharma is not in the business of making us healthier. They profit by disease and the fear of disease. Healthy people with healthy immune systems who take care of themselves are not conducive to profit. Big Pharma wants us dependent on their products. They’re in business to make money from fear.

The vaccine industry is also protected. During Reagan’s administration, the vaccine makers were in trouble. Too many lawsuits were driving them out of business. Can’t have that! So political allies sounded the alarm. We were told vaccines were necessary for the nation’s health and its makers must be protected. So legislation gave them immunity from lawsuits. Nowadays, victims of the vaccines have to go to a special court and present their case. Each victim has to present their case separately and anew. Taxpayers, not the vaccine makers, pick up the settlement tabs.

Free from lawsuits, the vaccine makers became more accountable and responsible. Oh, wait a minute. No they didn’t! They became more free to cut corners on vaccine safety. They became more greedy. The vaccines became far more numerous. Now we have a vaccine (containing aborted fetal tissue) for chicken pox, which formerly was a benign rite of passage. I keep seeing commercials for vaccines for meningitis. Make sure your teen is vaccinated! What they don’t tell you is the chances your teen will contract meningitis are vanishingly small. There is a greater chance your teen will die of the vaccine than from meningitis.

Children are subject to more and more vaccines and the autism numbers climb parallel with the amount of doses, yet there are always more vaccines. Not less.

Fear is constantly being fanned over COVID-19 and Big Pharma is taking advantage of it. You can get a ‘free’ vaccine, but of course there is no such thing. Taxpayers pay for it and Big Pharma is milking that fear and raking in endless billions of dollars. There will be boosters for each variant and more censorship coming for those of us who question the wisdom of injecting dangerous material into our arms.

COVID-19 is a cash cow for Big Pharma and that cow can have a dangerous kick for those who buy the line that the jabs are safe and effective.

— Ben Garrison

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