California Governor Worries His Recall is a Referendum on Joe Biden and Democrats

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 28, 2021 | Sundance | 334 Comments

The Atlantic Article interviewing the perpetually inept far-left advocate for all things big government, Gavin Newsom, doesn’t specifically say the California governor is worried about his recall being a wider referendum on Joe Biden, but the gorilla in the room is visible through the fear the interview conveys.

The left-wing Democrat socialists writ large have pushed their agenda so hard against the common threads that bind American society, that now the Newsom recall effort looks like an opportunity for common-sense to push back.  I smile because there are trembles amid the dark forces of the globalists, the multinationals and the institutional corporations who need Newsom and his Democrat tribe.

This recall effort was never supposed to be close.  With foam filled spittle they shout angrily, “THIS IS CALIFORNIA, for God’s sake“; without even a hint of self awareness surrounding their invocation of the one pure element that destroys all the evil they support.  Indeed, “for God’s sake” is exactly the reason Newsom is being held to account.

Within the interview,  Newsom lashes out at the world against him. “I’m now feeling the weight of this decision, and a weight of responsibility to defeat this, and also the responsibility that if we fall short, I’m going to own that,” he said. He mentioned to me some of his recent initiatives, including the injection of billions of dollars of federal relief money into the state budget and signing a bill to expand health care to undocumented workers. “If I do fall short, I’ll regret every damn one of those decisions. And I don’t want to have any regrets for putting everything out there and doing … what I think is right and what I think is in the best interest of California.”

Using the guise of COVID as a justification for advancing their ultimate ideological desires, Newsom’s tribe have destroyed education, shut down independent businesses; weaponized the police force by using SWAT team storm troopers to enforce their unilateral dictates; pushed the forced masks upon the electorate, and demanded that California residents undergo untested forced vaccinations in order to live in their utopian society.   Gee, a reckoning might be coming…. and they are shocked, shocked.

ATLANTIC – […] Recalls can deliver immediate emotional satisfaction to dissatisfied voters, and there are many dissatisfied voters in California. You can be mad at Newsom because you never liked him in the first place. You can be mad about his ego, his peevishness, and his sense of entitlement. You can be mad because Donald Trump is your model of what a leader should be; you can be mad because of the way Newsom’s handled wildfires and drought; you can be mad at him because you’re tired of pandemic shutdowns. You can be mad about anything. All those angry Californians’ votes will go on the recall pile. And if that pile is big enough, Newsom will be out before Halloween.

His replacement would probably be someone who opposes strict anti-coronavirus measures; the end of California’s mask mandates and COVID-19 lockdowns would quickly follow. Then another potential ripple: If Dianne Feinstein, the state’s aging and ailing senior senator, was unable to finish her term, whoever wins the recall—if not Newsom then most likely a Republican—would appoint her replacement. The Senate is split 50–50, and Vice President Kamala Harris holds the tie-breaking vote. How much Californians care to keep Newsom, a governor who often provokes only tepid support even among his voters, could end up deciding the fate of the Democrats’ Senate majority and the entire Biden agenda. (read more)

Perhaps I am alone in my thinking as I read those pearl-clutching words; but the only thing that comes to mind is, “tough sh!t jackass,“.  You think it sucks to be you?  Try being one of the proles who have been forced to scrape and scrounge for survival amid the chaos Newsom and his tribe have created.

Newsom is worried about the success of a recall effort?  He should be.   So should every evil, conniving, scheming woke tribalist who thrives on creating toxic clouds of despair that only settle upon citizens without resources to elevate their social status and gain a seat at the gilded table amid the corporate penthouse.  “Eff you“…COVID Compliance Minister Gavin Newsom, and the entire tribe who supports you.

I spit in Newsom’s direction…

Good luck California Patriots.   I hope you unite together in common cause and destroy this creature.

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