New COVID Variant Found in UK and Russia May Be More Transmissible Than Delta and Possibly Challenge Vaccine Efficacy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 24, 2021 | Sundance | 398 Comments

The UK [Here] and Russia [Here] have reported on a new COVID “sub-variant” called AY.4.2 that researchers fear may be more transmissible than the preceding Delta variant and could call into question the current efficacy of the various vaccines.

One America News (OAN) headlined a segment on it yesterday {Direct Rumble Link}, and Reuters is reporting: “The UK Health Security Agency on Friday said it designated a Delta coronavirus subvariant called AY.4.2 as a “Variant Under Investigation”, saying there was some evidence that it could be more transmissible than Delta.” (link)


Many people were anticipating a new “mid-term variant” for 2022 to supersede the previous variants.  Politically this would likely assist the various ministries of COVID compliance in calling for more booster shots and new definitions for what is considered “fully vaccinated.”

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