Global Takeover of Healthcare Comes to Switzerland As Pressures from Above Stop Doctors from Treating COVID-19 Patients with Ivermectin

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Global Takeover of Healthcare Comes to Switzerland As Pressures from Above Stop Doctors from Treating COVID-19 Patients with Ivermectin

The ivermectin controversy continues to unfold worldwide as many doctors prescribing the drug, successfully they might add, face growing scrutiny and even heavy-handed tactics leading to censorship and other repressive policies from governments and physician licensing boards. The latest news takes the TrialSite community to the shores of Lake Leman in French-speaking Switzerland. Apparently, doctors at Hospital Riviera-Chablais have been successfully treating patients here for COVID-19 since January 2021. According to physicians, 350 to 400 patients have been successfully treated, helping them to overcome COVID-19. But too much success broadcast on social media generates attention from elites in high places. As patients raved online of a great track record associated with ivermectin, the hospital’s Medical Committee undoubtedly was contacted by some powerful peoplefrom within Switzerland and without. They summarily banned the use of ivermectin in this Swiss hospital, declaring that “only national and international recommendations concerning the treatment of COVID-19 should guide the management of COVID-19 cases,” reported Christophe Schull, Head of Communications.

As reported by local French-speaking L’Impertinent Media in Switzerland, a recent move by the hospital’s leadership, which includes all of its chief medical officers, evidences an outright purge of any early-onset COVID-19 care treatments not ordained by international and national standards.

An unprecedented almost international takeover of medicine itself, doctors are now subject to national and, even more disturbingly, international rules or standards promulgated by faceless bureaucrats—even politicians—all, of course, influenced by the deep pockets of industry.

While the executives that run this local hospital cite “current literature” that the drug “does not demonstrate any benefit” for the treatment of COVID-19, another point of view suggests these actions reflect a top-down, specialist-interest-driven, biased information war that now reaches from the highest international power structures down to the local practice of medicine.

TrialSite includes what is more of an objective, unbiased ivermectin fact sheet. In contrast, the Swiss HRC hospital leadership follows what bureaucrats at the World Health Organization or those at the national level in Switzerland declare. Doctors seemingly have little to no say anymore with their patients. 

Use of ‘Experts’ to Trounce Doctor’s & Patient’s Rights

COVID-19 represents a convenient cover for what is, in fact, an unfolding geopolitical event, one that will permanently reset every facet of society. In this unprecedented takeover of the practice of medicine by a combination of supranational and subordinated national forces, a global reconfiguration of power, money and political influence usurp healthcare, the ultimate control over one’s very existence—the determination of life and death. Prominent academicians are employed to justify or validate what in some cases emerges as unconscionable moves, such as intervening between the care of a local doctor and consenting patient. Much like priests were used in medieval times to reinforce a draconian and, in reality, barbaric top-down order, esteemed medical professors and researchers now declare to the world what is safe to use versus what is taboo. Switzerland’s Professor Oriol Manuel, a CHUV professor, summarily decides on ivermectin’s fate for those doctors and patients at HRC—permanently interrupting the essential local physician and patient relationship. 

Call to Action: For those in Switzerland who want to know who decided that they couldn’t receive ivermectin from their local doctor, the answer is Professor Oriol Manuel

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