Vaccination Status Ground Reports – What’s Going on in Your Region?

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 28, 2021 | Sundance | 555 Comments

As the impacts of the various vaccination mandates take shape, it is worth a review of the current status as it impacts you and your family on a local basis.

As noted by a reader in Washington state, the cleaving of society on vaccinated status is having an unusual impact on many regions even within individual states.

As one anecdotal report is told, the eastern side of Washington state is essentially functioning as before the vaccination mandate; while the western side is seeing a substantial breakdown in local civic society.

Mandates by local officials are creating issues for local services.  Local police, fire and first responders are leaving their jobs, creating issues for those in the leftist side of Washington state. Meanwhile the eastern, or more conservative side of the state, is relatively not impacted.

In another cleaving anecdote one business owner in southern California has told a rebel alliance member to discontinue the use of services from a vendor who does not share the leftist political perspectives of the owner; while other right-minded business owners (in the same industry) are looking specifically to gain advantage by seeking out vendors who are skilled, stable and independent.

As would be expected, the vaccination cleaving is creating two unique classes of workers and owners/operators.  Those with the best expertise, skillset and work ethic all fall into the group who are more independently minded and not prone to the inherent peer pressure created by the vaccine mandate.

While the data is all still raw in this new cleaved socioeconomic environment, it does appear -in the aggregate- the unvaxxed are better workers, better problem solvers and carry a stronger work ethic. The vaxxed workforce, owners and operators appear less than.

This brings up an interesting dynamic that is still unfolding amid various regions.  So the questions posed are these:

What do you see in your town, hamlet, city, neighborhood and/or region?

How are the various vaccine mandates impacting your area?

Additionally, what opportunities or challenges do you see currently?  Do you see any benefits to the cleaving as it appears to be underway?  Do you have any advice for readers who might be stuck behind enemy lines?

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