Sunday Talks, NBC Proclaims Omicron Has Merged With Common Cold Virus to Create New Mutant Super Spreader Variant, Requiring New Super Duper Booster

Posted originally on the conservative tree house December 5, 2021 | Sundance | 364 Comments

Once the political operatives unleash the healthcare/media narrative engineers to push the maximum fear-porn needed to support the larger objectives, you end up in this bizarro world where buck-tooth carrot-eating parents are having rabbit faced babies with ten inch ears.

Yup, the jaw-agape headlines start to become a parody of themselves, and while people roll their eyes the media cannot stop…. they just can’t.  That’s where we cue the opening segment of Meet The Press with Chuck Todd interviewing NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins.  Just the first minute is needed to see it.

The virus has morphed, changed, mutated they shout with earnest proclamation… and Omicron has merged with the common cold to create a new highly infectious super duper variant requiring even more important booster shots to protect civilization. This holiday season you better watch out for dissidents showing symptoms of the variant sniffles who are not triple-vaxxed and quadruple-masked.   It’s the science, swear…   WATCH:

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