Top Cardiologist Warns of Deadly Vaccine Induced Myocarditis in Children

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Dec 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Dr. Peter McCullough, a top cardiologist in his field, has warned that myocarditis due to the vaccine is “way more serious” than myocarditis contracted from the virus itself. Myocarditis, or heart muscle inflammation, is a side effect of both COVID and the mRNA vaccine. The difference is that the ailment produced by the natural infection tends to elevate troponin levels, according to Dr. McCullough, which is a protein found in cardiac and skeletal muscle. “[T]he myocarditis in COVID-19 is mild, it’s inconsequential, and it’s largely a component of election [of troponin].”

In contrast, contracting the ailment through the vaccine may cause lipid nanoparticles to go directly to the heart, the doctor stated. “The heart expresses the spike protein, the body attacks the heart. There are dramatic EKG changes. I don’t want anybody to think that the myocarditis of a natural infection is anything like what we’re seeing with the vaccines,” the top cardiologist warned.

Dr. McCullough said the heart injury due to the vaccine is around 10-100 times higher than the troponin seen in natural infection. Worsening matters, the doctor states that when kids develop myocarditis after the vaccine, 90% require immediate hospitalization to prevent heart failure. “Vaccine-induced myocarditis is a big deal, and in children, it’s way more serious and more prominent than a post-COVID myocarditis.”

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