Do the COVID-19 Vaccines Pose a Health Threat to Children?

Posted originally on TrialSite News by PaulAlexander on December 18, 20214 Comments

COVID-19 vaccines for children, our young children who bring statistical zero risk to the table, is all risk & no benefit, no opportunity for the benefit and only opportunity for harm, thousands can potentially die

The views expressed here are my own and not of any institution or this publishing organization. 

COVID-19 vaccines for healthy children, our young children who bring statistical zero risk to the table, is all risk & no benefit, no opportunity for benefit and only opportunity for harms, thousands can die needlessly. In my opinion, the heads of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Anthony and Dr. Francis Collins as well as the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Rochelle Walensky not to mention other key players such as Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla as well as other decision makers in public health risk catastrophe with this all-encompassing, mass vaccination program without considering the true risks involved.  Already mounting data suggests children face greater risks at least with myocarditis.  That is why countries in Scandinavia have stopped, at least temporarily, the use of the Moderna vaccine among young people under 30. In my personal opinion the aggressive rush for such a mass vaccination of children without understanding the true risks borderlines on criminality. Why isn’t there more discussion about the risk-benefit analysis of children associated with these new vaccines?  Why are health leaders so aggressively pushing this without more data?  While the aggressive push to “take the jab” continues there is no underlying analysis made available to the public clearly delineating the benefits significantly outweigh the risks to young people.

Under one year of data for adults in the development of vaccines is not a lot of time meaning there is little data, and hence understanding as to true long term impacts of mass vaccination with these novel products.  What if we end up harming many children—or worse, increasing mortality? 

I believe this mass vaccination program now targeting children at this stage is both reckless and carries with it a significant probability for danger. Healthy children and young persons come prepared with a pre-activated potent innate immunity (innate antibodies and innate cellular immunity as well as other components of the innate) that is their first line of defense and which has protected them against a broad range of pathogen including COVID virus. Subscribe to the Trialsitenews “Vaccine” ChannelNo spam – we promise

It always has and this is why the morbidity and mortality burden on them has been so low, so vanishingly low. While it is true a higher number children’s cases arrived with the more transmissible delta variant, the overall numbers based on what we know still lead to a different risk-benefit analysis for children versus adults.   The recent German study and Swedish study I cited in a prior Brownstone op-ed shows that when we look at healthy children, children with no medical conditions etc. and children really in general, that we find zero deaths. Put another way, the only children’s deaths associated from COVID-19 from this point of view associate with co-morbidity situations.  Martin Makary at Johns Hopkins University alluded to the same in the US when he examined the situation whereby any child who has had problems with COVID is a child typically with underlying illness including obesity that emerged as a super-loaded risk factor especially in the minority community and poorer communities. No one wants to lose a child and it is the greatest disaster and very painful and one will never recover, but we must be honest as we discuss this issue for serious implicating policy is made with little democratic input– we must separate emotions and hysteria and rhetoric from the table and talk pure science and evidence and sound risk-benefit strategies for vaccination 

While driving mass vaccination of children based on faulty assumptions is problem enough, if done so under false pretense or what I term “lies” then this crisis must be identified and called out. 

Now is the time to demand a proper risk-benefit analysis prior to any COVID inoculation programs targeting children and young people. A cross-representation of society, including parents, must wake up and understand the tremendous risks involved while action must be taken to ensure rational and safe approaches in response to the pandemic.  Our children are the most vulnerable in society to new vaccinations while they face the least risk with severe illness and mortality associated with COVID-19.  Also, it’s well acknowledged now that the current vaccines after just a few months do not universally stop transmission. 

Over the past 22 months during this pandemic data indicates children revealed a very low risk of acquiring infection in the first place, of spreading to other children, of spreading to adults and teachers, of taking it home, of getting seriously ill, or of dying from COVID. Based on my research I can find no evidence countering this evidence, with any variant! COVID has spared our children, other than a statistically small group experiencing certain comorbidities, and overall, the youth’s innate immune system affords great protection against severe disease.   Why breach this first-line, beautiful ‘gifted’ innate immunity by the hand of life—supporting natural acquired immunity to back up. 

Children can handle COVID exceptionally well so leave them alone! We are liable to hurt children in the short, medium, and long term with mass COVID vaccination. We may end up killing many with these safety untested vaccines. The proper follow-up was not done! 

We may witness our typically healthy children, who had no illness before the vaccine, become ill, some  I am troubled, seriously so. I plead with parents to step back and think carefully about this for these vaccines were accelerated and lack the type of safety testing data needed for us to ‘exclude harms’ as part of informed evidence-based decision-making. We cannot even access key underlying safety reports from the regulatory bodies or companies—FOIAs trigger heavily redacted documents and fully transparency is proposed in decades. PREP Act shields all organizations (pharma, hospitals, etc.) involved from any liability except for a small government fund capped at $50,000 per person.  ( ). A number of actions need to happen, and now. We must develop a transparent framework to understand the true risks and benefits of vaccination with children—and this can empower parents to make the most beneficial and rational of decisions on their children’s behalf.  Parents must demand that liability protection be removed so that if a child is harmed or dies, that they can take these decision-makers into a legal forum for redress. No liability = no trust. 

I warn.

Call to Action: See Dr. Alexander’s website here.

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