Neil Oliver Interviews Dr. Robert Malone

Posted originally on the conservative tree house December 19, 2021 | Sundance | 184 Comments

Within the U.K., Neil Oliver has surfaced as a reasonable and articulate voice for the average person, amid a nation of political leaders that seemingly have lost their ability to think rationally about COVID-19.  Indeed, we have watched Oliver speak eloquently to a rapidly growing audience thirsting for truth, amid a storm of widespread overreaction to COVID from U.K. government officials.

However, in the U.K. overall, there are few outlets for people to hear from any voice that runs counter to the government narrative.

Like Australia, the controls by British government over approved speech and appropriate discussion create heavy pressure upon media outlets who must obey rules and regulations that do not permit dissent on issues deemed ‘in the public health.’

As a result, this interview between Neil Oliver and Dr. Robert Malone is somewhat groundbreaking in how the GB News outlet is willing to broadcast a discussion that is generally forbidden by those who retain their tenuous grip on power through fear and intimidation.   Hopefully, this interview represents the first crack in the darkness for the British people, as they are exposed to professional medical opinion that runs counter to the government narrative for the first time.

Doctor Malone specifically states, in this interview, that children should not be vaccinated based on the risk/benefit analysis.  Additionally, Malone now states he is coming to the conclusion that COVID vaccines are no good for anybody any longer. For a U.K. broadcast this is a very controversial statement.

The segment begins at 32:50 (prompted):

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