Omicron Spreads Too Quickly, Governments Reducing COVID Quarantine Time to 5 Days

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 24, 2021 | sundance | 337 Comments

On one hand, the Omicron variant of the Rona is so dangerous that forced vaccinations are mandated, thereby eliminating medical autonomy and freedom for all mankind.  On the other hand, the Omicron variant of the Rona quarantine time is being reduced from fourteen days to five.

From the perspective of the global governing elite, a widespread Omicron variant might disrupt their services…. Something must be done.

(Via Wall Street Journal) – Government leaders are adjusting recommended quarantine periods to minimize workforce shortages and scrambling to boost testing capacity to limit the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday that critical workers—including those in education, healthcare, transportation, grocery stores and sanitation—who tested positive for the virus will be allowed to return to work after five days under certain conditions.

[…]  Those returning will need to remain masked, Ms. Hochul said. “We need you again, we need you to be able to go to work,” Ms. Hochul added.

New York state’s move comes after the U.K. shortened its quarantine period to seven days for vaccinated people, and some airline executives wrote to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seeking an adjustment in agency isolation guidelines to avoid disruptions to operations.

On Thursday, the CDC revised its isolation and quarantine guidelines for healthcare workers, partly to help hospitals have enough staff to deal with any rise in admissions due to Omicron.

Under the new CDC guidelines, healthcare workers can go back to work within seven days following a negative test, or potentially even sooner in a staffing crunch. Also, healthcare workers who are fully vaccinated and who got a booster wouldn’t need to quarantine after high-risk exposure to the virus. (read more)

Lawns must be mowed, dinners must be cooked, pools must be cleaned, laundry services must be provided, turndown services must continue, and pillows must be fluffed.

Quick, change the rules, this Omicron cannot be permitted to interfere in the lives of those who govern.

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