Fauci Admits Vaccine Requirement for Airline Travel Only Beneficial to Get More People Vaccinated, No Scientific Benefit

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 26, 2021 | Sundance | 133 Comments

Trust the science they say…. and then, accidentally, the “scientists” admit that what they are doing under the guise of public health has absolutely nothing to do with science.

Anthony Fauci appears today on ABC This Week to push the vaccine narrative.  When asked about a vaccine passport requirement for airline travel, Facui admits openly the only reason for a vaccine mandate is to force people to get the vaccine.  There is no other benefit for the mandate other than to force people to get the vaccine.

The vaccine doesn’t stop infection.  The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of infection.  The vaccine has no value from the position of decreasing the spread of a COVID-19 virus or any variant therein.  The value of the vaccine is in getting people to take the vaccine.  It sounds goofy, but that’s exactly what Dr. Anthony Fauci admits in this interview.  Watch at 09:10 prompted.

Once again, it seems the vaccine requirements overall are just a tool to create a system for the Vaccine Passport.  The passport is then a simple tracking mechanism to identify the movements of all the people being forced to show it.   The Vaccine Passport is essentially the gateway to a digital id system.

Even with everything that has happened in this Overton window of the past two years, it is still stunning to me how many people now accept the reality of their papers being demanded to move around and live life.  The axiom of “papers please” used to trigger a common American aversion.  Now, there are millions of people who just comply as if they cannot see what lies at the end of this acceptance.


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