CDC Director Rochelle Wolensky Attempts to Retain Collapsing COVID Narrative Surrounding Changes to Guidance

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 29, 2021 | Sundance | 326 Comments

When CDC Director Rochelle Wolensky talks, she is speaking to a diminishing audience of branch covidians.  As the official guidance from the U.S. medical community (NIH, FDA, CDC) shifts drastically, more people are awake to the political motives behind the rules.  This reality is now becoming a serious issue for them.

Earlier today, CDC Director Wolensky spoke to several stenographers about the changes.  On ABC she stated there was no recommendation to “test out” of quarantine after five days, because the CDC is now admitting the PCR tests are useless.  As she stated, “PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks” after the infection.  This is an issue now, because the politics of the quarantine has changed.  WATCH:

In another interview the CNN stenographer, now sensing the dam collapsing, asked directly if this shift in quarantine guidance was due to the “business” or economic impacts of COVID as it relates to the ever-shifting science.

What we are watching, in real time, is a considerable shift amid those who are attempting to retain the false premise behind the COVID narrative.  People are not jumping into the booster narrative, because the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated is now nullified by the statements and guidance of the officials themselves.

It is going to get more difficult for the regime to keep pushing COVID-19 mandates, while they have to keep justifying their contradictory positions.  The contradictions themselves do not make sense when contrast against the science, especially when the scientific outcomes undermine the original premise of the mandates, rules and guidance.

This is why it has become even more important, in this destabilized public opinion phase, for opposing scientific views to be suppressed.

The institutional government healthcare system is trying to retain credibility.  However, the dam is breaking, and they have run out of fingers and toes to plug the gaps.  Those in the executive suites have shifted their efforts to securing scuba gear, as indicated by Biden’s “there is no federal government solution”….

Continuing with the dam analogy, further credibility collapses will likely become exponential if the praetorian guard media start asking the obvious questions about where all this water is coming from, and we move into the phase of rapid sunlight.

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