Dystopian Scenes in Montreal, Quebec as 10pm COVID Curfew Is Reinstituted

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 1, 2022 | sundance | 113 Comments

Madness, just madness.  Montreal, Quebec has reinstituted a COVID curfew as the Canadian government promotes the fear of Omicron. [Prior Media Report Here] The concept of a curfew is not only arbitrary, but also abject nonsense.  Somehow the Rona is going to be worse at 10:15pm than it was at 9:55pm?

The scenes from the police patrolling the street, and instructing people over loudspeakers to go home, are dystopian and something you might see or hear in some fictional movie.  The commonsense of government is gone completely.  What did all of those people get double vaccinated and boosted for? WATCH:

MONTREAL – […] ” “I know we’re all tired, but it’s my responsibility to protect (Quebecers),” said Legault. “(Experts) agree that, in the coming weeks, there is a risk that the number of hospitalizations will exceed our capacity, which would eventually lead us to no longer being able to treat everyone,” said Premier Francois Legault. 

He made the announcement at a Thursday evening press conference, where he was joined by Health Minister Christian Dube and Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda.  People who violate the curfew are subject to fines ranging from $1,000 to $6,000. (more)

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