Interesting Shift – Australian Government Now Casually Saying They Will Pay for Adverse Reactions to Vaccine in Booster Phase, Media Calls 79,000 “The Rare Few”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 1, 2022 | sundance | 238 Comments

A couple of things are a little, well, shall we say, odd about this.   First, is the casual nature of how the Australian media just slip this little stunner into their broadcast as if it’s just an ‘oh, and by the way‘ type of message.

Second, is the evolution of this official government narrative from “it’s just a jab”, perfectly safe and fine, to, well, only a “rare few” will have adverse reactions to the perfectly safe jab… and, oh yeah, boosters now.  By “rare few” we, um, mean around 79,000 people approximately, n’ stuff.  Might be costly, but… whatevs.

According to 7News Australia, “Doctors say that the benefits far outweigh the risks, but as the COVID vaccine rollout ramps-up through the booster phase, there are a rare few who suffer severe side effects. The federal government is now offering compensation for anyone who becomes seriously ill after having their COVID shot.” WATCH: 

Why is the Australian government having to pay this out?  Where’s the vaccine company liability?  Oh wait, yeah.

For scale, the entire population of Australia is essentially the same as the state of Florida.  Imagine if Governor Ron DeSantis mandated the jab, and told all Floridians 80,000 of you will likely suffer severe adverse reactions, but it’s in your best interest… oh, and you don’t have a choice.   Wait… wha, huh?

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