Club Rules Highlighted Again – Tennessee Republican Club Blocks Morgan Ortagus, Baxter Lee and Robby Starbuck From Ballot

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 20, 2022 | Sundance 

he Tennessee Republican Club has met to decide who they will permit on the ballot.  Morgan Ortagus, Baxter Lee and Robby Starbuck have been disavowed by the TN Club for being unworthy candidates according to private rules within the assembly.  Mitch McConnell smiles.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution which outlines or supports the use of political clubs to create political parties for candidates for office.  This is one of the lesser-known facets to U.S. elections.

The Republican and Democrat parties are private clubs with internal rules that operate within the system for elections.  Each club chapter can make up their own rules and select candidates for approval based on their own qualifications.

TENNESSEE – The Tennessee Republican Party has removed three candidates, including one endorsed by former President Trump, from the primary ballot for one of the state’s House races.

The Tennessee Republican Party voted on Tuesday to dismiss Trump-backed Morgan Ortagus, who previously served as a spokesperson at the State Department, as well as Baxter Lee and Robby Starbuck, from the primary ballot for the state’s 5th Congressional District, state GOP Chairman Scott Golden confirmed to The Hill. (read more)

As the 2022 primary season begins to take shape, it is important to remember that all messaging from the people within the private club known as the GOP (for selected politicians) or RNC (for membership to support the selected politicians), does not come from some organic coincidence.

Everything we witness as the club enters their season of greatest business opportunity is all carefully coordinated and presented.

Remember, “artful politics is the purposeful creation of an illusion of options for the audience,” and YOU are the audience.

The RNC want to give the illusion of support for MAGA conservatism because they need the base and donor activity.  However, every move they make on an operational level is exactly in line with their previous outlook toward cocktail class republicanism.  The MAGA base of support cannot trust this group and must not be blind or unguarded about the Machiavellian schemes they construct.

Both the Democrat and Republican wings of the UniParty in Washington DC created and support the Fourth Branch of Government.  Political candidates from within the party machinery should be reviewed carefully by voters who must ask themselves are they really seeing an illusion of choice?

At federal and state levels, the party operates as a private club to prescreen approved candidates for their ballots.  Nothing about this entire process changes until MAGA people at the local and state level invest themselves to influence the club determinations.  In order to change the club, you must enter the club. That requires a serious investment in time and effort.   Changing the things you can no longer accept is not easy.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Tennessee Republican club decision, you must ask yourself if you are comfortable with a private club making the decision about who can appear on a ballot.  That is the essential problem with party politics, it is rife for corruption, manipulation and the continuation of a political process that never results in the change you may prefer to see.

Conservatives will argue that to run a candidate outside the GOP approval process leads to a split vote that ultimately helps the Democrat party.  Ultra-leftists will argue that to run a candidate outside the DEM approval process leads to a split vote that ultimately helps the Republican party.  That’s the argument stimulated and promoted by club insiders.

Tactical Civics is the only way to overcome this challenge.  Citizens must join the clubs and work to ensure the voice of the majority is represented by the final club outcome, not a filtering process that only keeps the UniParty system in place.

In the past 15+ years, the Communist wing of the Democrat party has done a much better job of tactical civics.  That is why the Overton window keeps moving left.   The conservative wing of the Republican party, the current MAGA movement, has not been as effective on a local, state and federal level as the Communist wing of the Democrats.

If you live in Tennessee, you might want to ask the state Republican Party officials: what is the intention of blocking choice in a Republican primary?  Shouldn’t the primary contest be the place where the voters decide on these candidate filters?   If not, why not?   What exactly is the intent of club filtration?

Asking these probing questions will likely result in some very uncomfortable discoveries.

It’s your vote, but maybe their candidate.  Find out who “they” are.

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