German Govt Release Inflation Data, Hyper Production Inflation Surpasses 30 Percent, Highest Rate Since 1949

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 20, 2022 | Sundance

The German government released their version of the producer price index for inflation, and they are reporting 30.9% inflation for products leaving German factories.  [DETAILS HERE] That’s the highest rate of inflation since shortly after the second world war.

The inflation rate is being driven mostly by energy costs which are more than 80% higher than last year.   However, each nation’s overall inflation rate is also driven by the amount of central bank spending they used during the COVID economic lockdowns.  The more any govt spent on subsidies, the more money they printed, the more they devalued their money and subsequently, the higher their current rate of inflation.

Germany is the largest economy in the European Union.  This level of inflation within Germany has major ramifications.

First, with this level of energy inflation Germany cannot afford to stop purchasing Russian energy products.  There’s no way for Germany to join or increase western sanctions against oil and gas they need to stay sufficient.  Germany is dependent on Russian energy.

Second, with Germany’s economy this vulnerable; and with Germany being so dependent on Russian energy; Germany will have to distance itself further from any Ukraine assistance.   In the background of western voices already being upset with Germany for not providing more support for Ukraine, their economic vulnerability explains their unwillingness.   The U.S. proxy war against Russia does not benefit Germany, at all.

Third, as a result of the first two points, Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be even more mad than he was yesterday.  Additionally, the German position makes Biden more vulnerable because it forces the U.S. to take a bigger public footprint on the entire operation.  This explains why the people in the background of the White House are saying Ron Klain needs to quickly extricate Biden from his unilateral focus on Ukraine.

If the White House doesn’t cut Zelenskyy loose soon, the anchor of fail Ukraine represents will further sink Biden.  Sooner or later the White House, Administrative Deep State, Dept of State and Intelligence apparatus along with the total foreign policy establishment and all the politicians who benefit financially from their use of Ukraine, are going to have to give up.

With countries like Germany needing to back away, it becomes harder for the Biden administration to retain the false front around NATO as a justification for their intervention and money laundering operations.

Additionally, if the French election goes to Le Pen on Sunday, well, katybar the door – because it’s complete and total game over…. Ukraine will be cut loose and someone from the CIA will assassinate Zelenskyy on the way out, leaving a note on the nightstand that says, “Putin did it.”

GERMANY – German annual producer price inflation topped 30% in March, the country’s Federal Statistics Office said on Wednesday. That’s its highest level since the agency began collecting data 73 years ago.

The biggest culprit? Energy prices, which rose nearly 84% from the same month last year. “Mainly responsible for the high rise of energy prices were the strong price increases of natural gas… which was [up] 144.8% on March 2021,” the statistics office said in a statement.

It is one of first signs of the huge impact Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having on the German economy, Europe’s biggest. Producer prices rose by nearly 5% between February and March alone.

Consumers should brace themselves. Factory gate inflation feeds into retail prices, and shoppers can expect to spend more on everything from furniture to meat, according to Wednesday’s figures.

German consumer price inflation is already at a 41-year high, hitting 7.3% last month. Energy prices were the main contributor, up almost 40% from the previous month.  (read more)

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