Congressman Michael McCaul Says Pence “Avoided a Constitutional Crisis” on January 6, 2021

Posted originally on the CTH on March 12, 2023 | Sundance

During an interview with Margaret Brennan today, Congressman Michael McCaul -another GOPe weasel – said he stands with Vice President Mike Pence in saying “they avoided a constitutional crisis” on January 6, 2021, when Congress declared an emergency session and refused to entertain any challenges to the 2020 election certification.  WATCH:

[Transcript] – MARGARET BRENNAN: We turn now to the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul.

Good morning to you, Chairman McCaul.

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL (R-Texas): Good Morning, Margaret.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I have got a lot to get to with you today.

But I want to start where I just left off with those very strong remarks from Mike Pence last night. Do you want to associate yourself with what he said?

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: Let me just say Vice President Pence exercised moral clarity and judgment that day by doing his constitutional responsibility, authenticating the votes and counting them.

He avoided a major constitutional crisis that day. As you know, I voted for certification. That is our constitutional role not to overturn state- certified ballots. So, I agree. I mean, look, it was a dark — dark day. And I think people will be — history will judge everyone by what they did that day.


It was a pretty strong condemnation of Donald Trump, who he hasn’t directly taken on like that before. But it’s also back in the news very much, Chairman, because it was the speaker of the House who gave those 41,000 hours of surveillance video access to FOX News, which then has used a recasting of the events, trying to sanitize it, trying to whitewash history.

Do you think it was a mistake for Republican leadership to strike this deal with Tucker Carlson? That is who Mike Pence was talking about.

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: Well, I know Kevin McCarthy has turned all the videotape over to FOX News.

He has given me assurance he’s going to turn it over to the entire media. I think — I believe in the fourth estate, freedom of press, and I think the American people deserve to see all the footage from that day, and all the footage is not going to be tourism at the Capitol. It’s going to show a very dark, tragic day that I witnessed firsthand that included our Capitol Police being assaulted, 140 of them injured, two pipe bombs, one — one Capitol police officer killed, and a protester killed.

That’s not — that’s not a good day. And I think it should have been prevented had we had good intelligence that day beforehand. And, look, I support law enforcement. Like this D.C. crime bill we were passing, I support law enforcement everywhere, especially at the United States Capitol.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I want to ask you on the other side of an upcoming commercial break about the hearing you just held on Afghanistan.

But, before I do that, I want to quickly ask you about what we’ve been talking about, with the Treasury Secretary saying no government bailout for this Silicon Valley Bank, but they are trying to take some action.

She didn’t give a lot of detail there. I know Austin is a start-up hub in your home state of Texas. How concerned are you about spillover here?

REPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: Yes, we do have South by Southwest this weekend, a lot of tech.

Yes, I am concerned, I hope it’s more of an isolated event, because the assets were very — it was all just technology sector and it wasn’t diversified, also, as the secretary mentioned these low interest bonds. And I think part of the problem, Margaret, is, in this inflationary time, the Reserve, Federal Reserve, now is raising interest rates, and that, I think, is part of the problem as well.

We want to make sure this is — this is an isolated event, and not a systemic event that could impact things like in 2008…


REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: … when we did bailout the financial sector.

MARGARET BRENNAN: All right, I have got to take that break now.

And we’ll come back and continue our conversation in a moment.


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And we’re replayed on our CBS News Streaming Network.


MARGARET BRENNAN: We will be right back with a lot more Face the Nation.



We want to return now to our conversation with House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul.

Now, Chairman, I mentioned that you held this hearing on Afghanistan this past week, and it was pretty emotional.


MARGARET BRENNAN: You’re really examining the chaotic withdrawal from that country. And you had a Marines Corps sergeant, injured in the suicide bombing, who testified that he was an eyewitness and he actually saw the suicide bomber before the attack. He testified he has never been interviewed as part of the U.S. investigation.

How was this overlooked?

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: I think it’s very — well, first of all, very powerful testimony. Very emotional. But very devastating and damaging to the administration. These – these snipers and troops were put at HKIA, surrounded by the Taliban.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The airport in Kabul.

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: They put the Taliban in — in Kabul. That’s the HKIA airport. And surrounded by the Taliban who were put in charge. And that was the first mistake in the chaos that we heard that happened that day and the State Department virtually non-existent.

I think the most dramatic thing, Margaret, was the fact that this sniper had the suicide bomber in his sights and an intelligence bulletin went out, you know, describing him. He said, this is — this meets the description, meets with the team, PSYOPS, psychological operations get together, they run this up the chain of command and the commanding officer says, I don’t have the authority. And then they said, who does have the authority for permission to engage, and the commanding officer says, I don’t know, and he never got back to them.

The point is, they could have taken out this threat. But then, when the suicide bomber went off, not only did Marine Sergeant Vargas Andrews have his leg blown off and his arm, but we had 140 Afghans killed, 13 service men and women killed.

I talked to the mother of one of the Marine sergeants.


REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: I gave her just a hug. She was so devastated. In addition to 50 injured, including Marine Sergeant Vargas Andrews.


REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: And it could have been avoided.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, to the point of how it could be avoided. You know, you – you hear it, there were intelligence failures. Events just got ahead of planning.

The State Department argues that they’ve briefed Congress more than 150 times since the withdrawal. What information do you need that you don’t have yet?

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: Well, I think the compelling testimony we got from the sniper. We’ve never heard this before. In fact, Margaret, this is the first open hearing we’ve had on Afghanistan since the fall of Afghanistan. And I intend to move forward with this investigation. And I what to know what the commanding officer was thinking when he denied permission to take out the threat and how — what levels did it go to within the United States government? I think those are all very important questions.

And the State Department has not been compliant with our document requests. I met with the secretary. We had a very cordial conversation. Cooperation is always key. But they’re not cooperating. If he fails to cooperate with my document production request by, you know, the time he testifies on March 23rd, I am prepared to issue a subpoena.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And issue — issue a subpoena for Antony Blinken to come testify before your committee. What exactly do you think he’s withholding? What’s the documents?

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: No, he is – he — he will be testifying, but we have an outstanding document production request that the lawyers are very combative. I think the secretary, in good faith, has told me he wants to cooperate with this investigation, be transparent to the American people, but we’re not seeing that with the lawyers handling this on the ground. So, we need these documents because a lot of this stuff, to your point, Margaret, has never been brought out to the public.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Yes. This is the dissent cable specifically that you are requesting, that is people within the State Department disagreeing with the policy that was the administration’s planning?

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: It’s a dissent cable. The extraordinary measure to have 23 members of the State Department at the embassy dissenting with the policy.


REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL: The after action report from the ambassador. But also the plan of evacuation. Just a simple plan of evacuation. What was your plan? They have failed to deliver that to Congress. Those are three key, you know, areas that we want to see compliance with.


All right, Congressman, we will be watching that. I know there are a number of other issues we’ll talk to you about sometime soon, including China, but I’ve got to leave it there for today. [Transcript End]

Laura Ingraham Interviews Presidential Candidate After Spending Weekend Retreat With Him, and Never Mentions It…

Posted originally on the CTH on March 2, 2023 | Sundance 

According to Jacksonville 4 News Governor Ron DeSantis spent last weekend “huddled behind closed doors at a south Florida luxury hotel for a “Freedom Blueprint” retreat with more than 100 donors, elected officials and conservative influencers.”  According to the report from those present, “Laura Ingraham hosted a fireside chat with DeSantis on Sunday.” 

You would think this ongoing network and relationship would need a mention, perhaps even a disclaimer, if the Fox News pundit was going to follow up with additional promotion of the same candidate.  Alas, as more people become familiar with the tactics of the professionally Republican, what ends up being highlighted is the transparent effort to manipulate the viewer.  WATCH:

Factually, I’m tired of the lies and manipulations.  It is difficult not to loathe these creatures now.

Ms Ingraham continues her hypocritical false front as a conservative. {GO DEEP} This weekend the multinational lobbying group Club for Growth, headed by David McIntosh, are assembling a strategy session with big Wall Street donors to organize the multi-candidate roadmap for Ron DeSantis.

(Via CBS) – A GOP source familiar with the closed-door donor retreat by the conservative Club for Growth confirmed to CBS News that the group is hosting a closed-press donor retreat for 2024 hopefuls during the same time as CPAC this week. 

Club for Growth’s annual retreat will be held at the opulent Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, just three miles from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. However, Club for Growth, which has been public about looking to move the GOP past Trump, did not invite the former president to the retreat. 

Trump posted on Truth Social on Tuesday morning about Club for Growth, derisively  calling them “Club for NO Growth,” and saying the group “is an insignificant group of Globalists who I have beaten badly because of their anti America First views. They will only get the ‘stragglers.’” 

Trump, meanwhile, will be headlining CPAC, which will be holding its annual conference in Maryland the same weekend. 

[…]  DeSantis and Pence declined invites to CPAC. Haley and Ramaswamy are the only two declared presidential candidates who are attending both CPAC and CFG events. Representatives of Scott had been discussing his attendance at CPAC with event organizers but as of Tuesday morning, Scott does not plan on attending the annual Republican cattle call.

Some GOP operatives associated with the non-Trump political operations have told CBS News that CPAC has become too closely associated with Trump and his campaign, and not worth attending, especially with the annual straw poll likely going to Trump. (read more)

The more DeSantis speaks, the smaller in worm stature he becomes…

People are catching on.  People are really catching on.

Florida Republican Bill Would Require Bloggers to Register with the State in Order to Criticize State Government Officials, Including Ron DeSantis

Posted originally on te CTH on March 2, 2023 | Sundance

Comrade ‘crackers‘, there were moments in the before time when many people, most believing the narrative engineering from the professional political media, thought Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy would be a voice for freedom and democracy.  However, those thoughts dispatched quickly when the actions of the former comedic actor showed a deep red totalitarian underbelly and opposition parties were made illegal, the state took control over all media and even religion was deemed adverse to the interests of the state.

History indeed rhyming, as the ‘new Ukranian democratic norms‘ merged with the totalitarian fiats and timing around the pandemic.

Perhaps we should not have been surprised given that Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the entire European Union were quick to exploit the opportunity COVID-19 created.

Essential citizen definitions quickly promoted, digital identifies manifest, vaccine passports rushed to assembly, bar and QR code scans for human activity created gateways for permission granted by the state.  Meanwhile unregistered movement was restricted, quarantine camps set up and mandatory vaccine compliance was the law.

So, we travel 5,000 miles west from Ukraine, arrive in the sunshine state of Florida circa 2022/2023 and watch as State government takes control over private industry, new laws dictate rules upon local school boards, proposed laws now discussed to ban opposition parties, state officials inserted into newly created government agencies as monitors to regulate commercial activity, and then suddenly something within the latest development under Governor Ron DeSantis starts to rhyme with Ukraine.

FLORIDA – […] Senate Bill 1316: Information Dissemination, would require any blogger writing about government officials to register with the Florida Office of Legislative Services or the Commission on Ethics.

Yes comrade crackers, the skin of the state is so thin to criticism that words create harm against public officials and must be regulated.  Permission to criticize must now be requested and registered with the state government or face financial penalties.

[…]  In the bill, Brodeur wrote that those who write “an article, a story, or a series of stories,” about “the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, a Cabinet officer, or any member of the Legislature,” and receives or will receive payment for doing so, must register with state offices within five days after the publication of an article that mentions an elected state official.

If another blog post is added to a blog, the blogger would then be required to submit monthly reports on the 10th of each month with the appropriate state office. They would not have to submit a report on months when no content is published.

For blog posts that “concern an elected member of the legislature” or “an officer of the executive branch,” monthly reports must disclose the amount of compensation received for the coverage, rounded to the nearest $10 value.

Failure to file these disclosures or register with state officials, if the bill passes, would lead to daily fines for the bloggers, with a maximum amount per report, not per writer, of $2,500. The per-day fine is $25 per report for each day it’s late.

The bill also requires that bloggers file notices of failure to file a timely report the same way that lobbyists file their disclosures and reports on assessed fines. Fines must be paid within 30 days of payment notice, unless an appeal is filed with the appropriate office. Fine payments must be deposited into the Legislative Lobbyist Registration Trust Fund if it concerns an elected member of the legislature.

[…] Explicitly, the blogger rule would not apply to newspapers or similar publications, under Brodeur’s proposed legislation. […] Should the bill pass, it would take effect immediately upon approval. (read more)

Why would I provide the context of Ukraine for an outline highlighting the totalitarian mindset that is sweeping through Florida?

The answer is a very simple and visible connective tissue, a connection born from within the schools funded by George Soros, linking both the installation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the branding, management and handling of a notoriously thin-skinned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.



RELATED – […] Despite the seemingly cordial tone of the interview, Mr. DeSantis at one point became irritated with his interlocutor.

Mr. Charter writes that when he asked Mr. DeSantis how he would handle American relations with Ukraine, the governor referred “to Biden being ‘weak on the world stage’ and failing at deterrence.”

Mr. Charter pressed for more detail: How would a President DeSantis handle the conflict in Ukraine?

“Perhaps you should cover some other ground?” the governor replied. “I think I’ve said enough.” (link)

Biden – Wokeness over Experience

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Feb 28, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty; You said in passing that a Congressman asked you to “get back in the game” because they had nobody with your experience in Washington from the Cold War era. I know you laughed at that and said that was just 1991. Perhaps this clip explains why just maybe we need you more than ever. This “woke” Administration is taking us to World War III because as you have said, they are making you look like a diplomatic prophet. This is why. Wokeness over experience. This is what she actually says:

“The Cabinet is majority people of color for the first time in history. The Cabinet is majority female for the first time in history. A majority of White House senior staff identify is female and a record 7 assistants to the president are LGBTQ+.”


REPLY: This is incredible. Maybe you are right. This is why the Neocons have been able to seize control. There is nobody with even common sense left in this Administration. This just confirms what I have been saying. This is historically the worst crop of world leaders I have ever seen in my 40+ years. When color and gender are more important than qualification, how can society survive? Obviously, being black and a female she ticks off two boxes and is more qualified than just a black male or a white female. Biden is proud of his statistics?

Everyone who has ever eaten a carrot has died. So, obviously, carrots must be lethal. Just Washington logic these days.

Putin Says NO To US Inspecting Nukes, Dr. Pierre Kory’s War For Ivermectin, & Will Aliens Save US?

By Kim Iversen Posted originally on Rumble on February 21 2023 at 9:00 pm EST

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Takes His “Not Campaigning, Campaigning Tour” to New York, Illinois and Beyond to Promote Law Enforcement

Posted originally on the CTH on February 19, 2023 | Sundance

Keeping up the coy and deliberately managed strategy of not running for 2024 while running for 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will embark on a multi-state promotional effort to showcase his pro law enforcement outlook.

DeSantis starts Monday in Staten Island, New York, and the managers are counting on being able to do the ’24 run for office without angering the base Republican voters who see duplicity and deception in the construct.

As George Soros said of DeSantis personality, he’s “shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious,” the perfect blend of characteristics to operate as a pliable vessel operating on behalf of his Machiavellian management team.

NEW YORK – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will visit New York City Monday for a pro-law enforcement rally at a catering hall in Staten Island – a holiday incursion into one of former President Trump’s most loyal strongholds.

The 7:30 a.m. President’s Day speech at Privé will be the governor’s first stop on a multi-city tour to showcase his pro-cop bona fides as he gears up for an expected 2024 White House campaign, insiders said.

 “On Staten Island, we are proud to support our law enforcement,” said Assemblyman Mike Tannousis, the Staten Island GOP chairman. “I’m happy that our law enforcement community will get some recognition and support.”

The city’s reddest borough is packed with Trump backers, who gave him 57% of the island’s vote in 2020 – making Monday’s foray a crucial test of DeSantis’s chances among the former president’s remaining devotees. (read more)

JFK, Nixon & Trump

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Feb 16, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Despite the hatred that many pour all over Trump, they really should stop and think for a moment, that they have been subjected to brainwashing. I have stated before that I was invited to a dinner in March of 2020 at Mara largo where I was actually impressed by then-President Trump. He said he wanted to bring the troops home from Afghanistan because he was sick and tired of having to write letters to the parents of solider’s killed over there. He bluntly stated that he had no idea why were there. They were fighting over borders for 1,000 years. “What difference will we make?”

There is a common thread between JFK, Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump – all three stood against the Deep State. The first was assassinated, the second was set up with CIA operatives getting “caught” breaking ton the Watergate building, and the third was probably removed from office by rigged elections and now desperately trying to accuse him of anything to prevent him from running against in 2024.

John Bolton was against withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Bolton has been a hardnosed Neocon and then lied to the people not disclosing that Trump had a whole team to figure out how to exit Afghanistan that Biden dismissed and then claimed the same end result would have happened under Donald Trump. I really do not know how these people can look at themselves in the mirror.

JFK and Trump were both against war. Both were conveniently removed from office. In the case of Kennedy, they put forth Oswald and linked him to Russia, but then conveniently had him assassinated to prevent any trial when today everyone knows that the CIA was behind it. The recent tapes have revealed that Richard Nixon bluntly said to the head of the CIA, I know who killed John. The CIA used Watergate to discredit Nixon and drive him from office also because he wanted to end the Vietnam War and understood the CIA’s role.

Then Trump wanted to exist in Afghanistan. But Iran shot down an unmanned drone and Bolton wanted Trump to launch an attack on Iran. Trump refused to retaliate for an unmanned drone. The CIA asked Trump to extend the deadline for their release of the Kenndy assassination files until after the election. He agreed, and they knew Trump would lose the election. Biden then granted them the right to withhold the most critical files that expose the real source – the CIA.

The Deep Stated wanted to kill Americans and blame Cuba to justify an invasion. Kennedy rejected that proposal. This, he had to go. How dare he think he can tell the Deep State what to do!

All three presidents posed a serious threat to the Deep State. Forget the hatred of Trump that they have drummed into the heads of so many. Open your eyes. This is biggest that Trump and your hatred blinds you to what is really going on.

Klaus Schwab Outlines How the Transformation Will Deliver the New “Master of the World”…

Posted originally on the CTH on February 15, 2023 | Sundance

A lot of people are going to cite and replay a part of the remarks by World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab, where he outlines what attributes are needed in order to beome the new “Master of the World.”

However, the more interesting, buried lead in his remarks was his talking about the new power structures within global government.  He literally says multinational corporations are the power centers for global government in the same way as nations like India.  First, the soundbite everyone will discuss. WATCH:


But don’t get too hung up on that one aspect of his remarks.  The full speech is below, I suggest listening to it all, and pay particular attention at 04:50 where he talks about “the political transformation“.

Prompted, just hit play:

…”We are moving from a world more or less dominated by one super-power, into the patchwork of a multi-power world. With one superpower, a competing superpower, aspiring superpower like India, middle powers, but also rogue states, companies who have become global powers, technology companies – social media.”…