UN Tries to Blame Food Crisis on Putin

Armstrong Economics Blog/Geopolitical Re-Posted Jun 10, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Honestly, these lies and propaganda coming from the United States and Europe is just a slap in the face and it demonstrates that they look upon us as the BRAIN-DEAD Great Unwashed. Too stupid to understand even how to live without their orders. The Biden Administration and the EU are desperate to blame everything on Putin from inflation to food shortages. Charles Michel, president of the European Council is an absolute disgrace and if politicians could be charged with perjury for lying to the people, he would be in prison for the rest of his life.

The food shortages and the rise in civil unrest along with authoritarianism was put out by our model in 1985 as was the forecast back then that 2016 would be the first time a third-party president could win. That was forecast decades before we even knew who it was. It was the economics that put Trump in office. I spoke to politicians after the election. They called it a fluke because they did not want to admit it was a vote against them – not for Trump as a person.

We also put out the forecast that BREXIT would win. Nigel Farage came as our guest speaker to our 2019 WEC in Rome and it not only called our events the “alternative to Davos” but that he had to come for we were the only ones forecasting BREXIT would win. All of these forecasts are economic-based. They are NOT my personal opinion. Historically, people vote based on their economics. Herbert Hoover was elected in 1928 and was in office only 8.6 months before the Great Depression began. It really had nothing to do with his policies. Nevertheless, the people named their shanty towns – Hooverville.

The sheer audacity of the bald-faced lies of Charles Michel blaming “Russia alone” for the food crisis which was set in motion by the COVID lockdowns well before the Ukrainian war is simply beyond belief that he assumed we are that stupid. was responsible for the food crisis. I cannot tell you how many emails I got from farmers who had to kill even 30,000 chickens, and bury their crops, all because of the COVID lockdowns that prevented truckers from delivering food. Remember the trucker protest in Canada? Even crude oil production in the West, aside from Ukrain, is still below pre-COVID levels because there is also this Climate Change Agenda underway which will rise energy and food prices without Ukraine. Even in Australia, they now proclaim that the Greens have the MANDATE to stop new oil and gas projects. But this is all Putin’s fault – not Western politicians be they red, blue, or green. Germany’s Green Policy has been a total failure.

Charles Michel claimed actually said: “Mr. Ambassador of the Russian Federation, let’s be honest, the Kremlin is using food supplies as a stealth missile against developing countries.” The US has clearly coordinated this line of nonsense for we see the same thing coming out on the US side. The US and the EU have coordinated to blame all their inflation problems on Putin, Russia, and the Ukrainian War which they could solve in one day as Henry Kissinger said – hone the Minsk Agreement and the people of the Donbas vote if this is about democracy v authoritarianism which is another BS ploy.

Let’s stop the propaganda. A French journalist who returned from Ukraine after arriving with volunteer fighters told broadcaster CNews that Americans are directly “in charge” of the war on the ground. The assertion was made by Le Figaro senior international correspondent Georges Malbrunot. Malbrunot said he had accompanied French volunteer fighters, two of whom had previously fought against ISIS. “I had the surprise, and so did they, to discover that to be able to enter the Ukrainian army, well it’s the Americans who are in charge,” said Malbrunot. Everyone knows this is really a war of the USA v Russia and the American neocons will fight to the death of every last Ukrainian. As long as they do not send American Troops, then it is not an act of War that only Congress can authorize – not Biden.

The Russian UN Ambassador walked out of a Security Council meeting after the European Council President accused Russia of engineering a food crisis with its war on Ukraine. Quite honestly, all the propaganda coming from Europe and the United States is so obviously intent upon causing international war. They better pray that Putin survives, for the second tier of potential leaders will play real hardball. There are those who call the bluff of the EU and the US and use a tactical nuke and take out Kiev (Russian spelling). They say: “OK! Who is next?” Three nukes would take out the entire East Coast of the USA and it would take just three to wipe out Europe. One would be sufficient to take out Britain. Perhaps you will recall that one nuclear Russian sub has 60 ready to go. Just what the hell are these people doing?

Michel also said that “The dramatic consequences of Russia’s war are spilling over across the globe This is driving up food prices, pushing people into poverty, and destabilizing entire regions,”  If you are already blaming Russia for something it has not done, then they might as well do it. Cut off all grain sales to any unfriendly nation and turn off the gas for Europe and watch the civil unrest drag people like Charles Michel to the streets from his comfortable seat. Boris Johnson may have survived a No-Confidence Vote, which was a disgrace to start with, but the sheer fact that a No-Confidence Vote was brought shows the rising discontent which will burst through into civil unrest by 2023.

I have ALL the declassified documents with phone calls and notes concerning Putin, how he came to power, and how everything they say about Putin publicly today is opposite of all the declassified documents. The level of propaganda today is just off the charts. This is all a VIOLATION of international law. The UN Commission on Human Rights and internationally recognized international law expert Alfred de Zayas, who is actually absolutely correct, has said publicly that the USA should be brought before the International Court of Justice because of its sanctions policy which is illegal and has caused this entire crisis of inflation.

Rand Paul Questions DHS Secretary About Disinformation, Mayorkas Accidentally Gives Game Away “Should I Sit Back and Take That?”

Posted originally on the conservative house on May 4, 2022 | Sundance

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul questioned DHS Secretary Mayorkas about what constitutes disinformation and what will the DHS Disinformation Bureau do about it?  {Direct Rumble Link}

After multiple back and forth dodges by the DHS Secretary, at 06:40 Mayorkas slips a little and gives an example using the COVID vaccination program. After giving the example of a hypothetical claim of the vaccine containing fentanyl, Mayorkas asks “should I sit back and accept that,” meaning do nothing about it.

Right there Mayorkas gives away the intent and purpose of the Ministry of Truth.  Identify disinformation, then communicate with the networked partnership of social media companies, and then target whoever made the claim.  The government then controls the speech.  The government then becomes the arbiter of what is true and/or false.  The problem as Rand Paul is drilling down, is that ultimately government will approve speech.  WATCH:

There is no such thing as “disinformation.”  There is information the government approves of, and information that is averse to the interest of government.  That’s the bottom line and the end of this regulatory slippery slope discussion.

Example: Ask the DHS Disinformation Governance Board if a fetus is a baby human?

Sunday Talks, Samantha Power Notes Scarce Food Presents Opportunity to Enhance Larger Goals of Climate Change and Other Weird Stuff

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 1, 2022 | sundance 

If you are not familiar with Cass Sunstein’s wife, Samantha Power, I would suggest spending some time on any search feature of the internet.  Power is the archetype ideological traveler within the academic peer group of the Obama team.  Former U.N. Ambassador Power is the person who takes the ideological theory [example Responsibility to Protect (R2P)], and then constructs the mechanisms and network to turn theory into applicable policy.

Samantha put down the filtered Brazilian rainwater coffee this morning and gave a few interviews, that are rather telling of what is going on in the background of the Biden administration.  Discussing Ukraine {Direct Rumble Link} Power let it slip that the absence of industrial fertilizer is a good thing because in the spirit of “never letting a crisis go to waste,” the transition of food growing to more “sustainable farming” through organic fertilizer is a key transition for the bigger picture issue of Climate Change.  WATCH:

Samantha is the prototype backpack, academic, Birkenstock traveler who all model U.N. types view as the person to emulate.  She’s a sustainable algae  cake eater, who bridges the space between the Kennedy Center ballroom crowd and the cross-legged, sitting on the grass, NYU commons activists.

A very dangerous mind, with no practical skills beyond very dangerous ideological theory.

The 2011/2012 crisis in Libya represents an outcome of Power’s R2P theory applied.  Create equitable freedom for the animals by killing the Zookeeper and removing the cages.  The tree dwelling primates are fine, at first, until the big cats run out of deer to eat.  The only way to prevent primate slaughter is to supplement and satiate the cats with alternative meat.  The primates are now forever dependent on foreign intervention for survival…. and yet the free range believing ideologues take no responsibility for the natural mess and absence of ruminants.

Samantha Power, now in charge of USAID (U.S. Aid and International Development) and a host of Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO’s) who rely on USAID, turns her meddling focus from the middle-east toward the crisis in Ukraine.

Notice how she says weird shit like, [02:53] “what we do Margaret, is to work though our implementing partners. So, er, we have, um, folks who are indirectly on the ground, but who are receiving U.S. taxpayer resources in order to provide everything from flak jackets and helmets, again to those safehouses etc.”

How does a person become “indirectly on the ground” in Ukraine, in order to receive funds?

Oh wait, that’s what we need the U.S. government information, disinformation and language approval bureau to figure out before we can start to talk about it…. or something.  Seriously, watch this interview carefully and spot the bureaucratic globbledyspeech.  WATCH:


As Biden Asks for $33 Billion, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff Surface in Ukraine Meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 1, 2022 | sundance 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a quietly organized trip with a small group of senior House Democrats, including Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.), Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), and Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) to Ukraine.

The trip comes as Joe Biden is asking congress for an additional $33 billion in aid to fund the government of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, bringing the total U.S. taxpayer laundry operation to around $50 billion.  Pelosi and Schiff likely setting up the mechanics for the distribution of funds to include congressional family indulgency fees, or Fourth Branch brokerage costs.

“Our delegation traveled to Kyiv to send an unmistakable and resounding message to the entire world: America stands firmly with Ukraine,” the group said in a statement. “When we return to the United States, we will do so further informed, deeply inspired and ready to do what is needed to help the Ukrainian people as they defend democracy for their nation and for the world.” (link)

Abbott Sends Illegal Migrants to DC

Armstrong Economics Blog/North America Re-Posted Apr 26, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has sent at least 10 buses of migrants to the nation’s capital. Abbott has long criticized President Biden for failing to secure the border. “By busing migrants to Washington, D.C., the Biden Administration will be able to more immediately meet the needs of the people they are allowing to cross our border,” Abbott said. “Texas should not have to bear the burden of the Biden Administration’s failure to secure our border.”

A growing number of Republican lawmakers are urging Abbott to declare an “invasion” of Texas as border security and law enforcement simply cannot manage the inflow of illegal aliens. Texas could declare an invasion by invoking Article IV, Section 4, and Article I, Section 10, of the Constitution. National troops and Department of Public Safety officers would be sent to immediately secure the US border.

Since the Biden Administration is openly allowing migrants to cross the border, declining to provide bordering states with assistance, other heads of state such as Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona and DeSantis of Florida have threatened to declare invasions as well. Both Abbott and Governor DeSantis have threatened to send migrants back to Biden’s home state of Delaware. No one knows how to handle the large influx of undocumented people.

Abbott worries federal prosecutors will hunt down state law enforcement if an invasion is formally declared. Additionally, many already have some form of documentation to enter America. “These are people who already have papers to roam freely into the United States,” Abbott said. “As soon as we drop them off across the border, they would just come right back across the border. And so all we would be doing is creating a revolving door.” Biden’s desperate attempt to gain Democratic votes by allowing illegal immigrants into the country is creating a crisis.

Find a way into America, vote for me, and I will allow you to stay!

Elon Musk Successful Deal to Purchase Twitter for $44 Billion Likely to be Announced After Stock Market Close at 4pm Today

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 25, 2022

According to multiple media sources Twitter has reached a deal with the representatives of Elon Musk for the tech billionaire to purchase the social media company.  According to the Wall Street Journal, over the weekend the outlines of the deal were agreed and last night the final assembly of the purchase came together.

Keep in mind that Twitter is slated to report first-quarter earnings this Thursday, and originally the board was going to wait until after that earnings announcement to respond to the bid.

Something changed.

My suspicion is the financials of the Q1 earnings report will not support the $54.20 high end evaluation offer originally proposed by Musk.

If the low Q1 earnings rumors are accurate; and if Twitter had declined or fought the offer; the board would have been in the position of declining a deal that was substantially higher than the company market value, a tenuous position legally.   Thus, a deal was made.

(Wall Street Journal, update) – “Twitter is in advanced discussions to sell itself to Elon Musk and could finalize a deal Monday, people familiar with the matter said, days after the billionaire unveiled his $43 billion bid for the company.

The two sides worked through the night to hash out a deal that would be valued at $54.20 a share, or $44 billion, the people said. Assuming there isn’t a last-minute snag, the deal is expected to be announced after the market closes Monday, if not sooner.

It’s not clear why the total value of the deal has increased slightly from prior expectations, but it could be related to an updated share count.” (link)

Elon Musk responded to the rumors of the finalized deal with a tweet earlier this afternoon: “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”

Meanwhile, the professional political leftists who use the platform are having a complete mental breakdown.  Thousands of them are promising to leave Twitter and find a safe place if the deal goes through.

As CTH has continued to evaluate this entire scenario, the internal tech architecture is the aspect that is the most interesting.   As this develops there is a great deal of interest into not just the controlled speech system that Twitter background operators have assembled, but also what underlying tech systems on the platform are connected to the public-private partnership.

We know there is a connection between the U.S. government and Twitter….  the question is, how is all of that being operated?

Major Riots Against Macron Throughout France Over Questionable Election

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re-Posted Apr 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

There are major riots in just about every city in France over the validity of the election.  Police are breaking up protests by using teargas on civilians. The youth especially are protesting for Macron wants to create an EU army and that will inevitably lead to drafts.

Should Russian Oligarchs Fund Ukraine?

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Apr 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

As the war in Ukraine continues, so does the need for funding. Zelensky’s people are now asking for $7 billion in funding per month. The World Bank estimates that it will cost $60 billion to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure and the war is still ongoing. Managing Director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva said they secured the $7 billion in funding for two months already with funds from other nations. Who will pay for the rest?

The $60 billion estimate is over three times the amount of Ukraine’s GDP. They could never recover on their own. Some would like to use the forfeited assets of Russian oligarchs to fund the war. US Treasury Secretary Yellen warned that doing so would be a “significant step” that would require careful consideration among nations. This yet again brings NATO members one step closer to fully entering the war.

Former hedge fund manager Bill Browder, who has advocated freezing oligarch’s funds, also once warned long ago not to tamper with the oligarch’s funds after seeing their retribution firsthand. “You don’t want to take [the oligarchs’] money because if you lose it, they’ll kill you,” Browder stated. Hedge funds are now required to freeze the assets of Russian oligarchs but have not received direct advice on how to manage those frozen assets. This leaves funds open to future lawsuits if not violence if the sanctions are ever lifted. Some are pointing to the hedge funds and private management companies for collecting the money in the first place, regardless of whether it was earned in a perfectly legal manner.

For all intents and purposes, the people who lost their life savings are mostly private citizens who have been a victim of circumstance. They did not fund Russia’s invasion. This could be considered an act of war by Russia for it would certainly be a complete violation of international law. Using assets seized by private citizens to fund a war opens the door to a new form of warfare that will only cause people to refrain from investing in countries that allow this to go on. Welcome to the total collapse of globalization. We are staring into the eyes of a Great Depression that would make the 1930s look like a dress rehearsal.

Georgia confiscated the property of people who supported the king during the American Revolution. Because of that, Georgia remains one of the poorest states for it took over 100 years before capital began to return to Georgia.

Before Obama’s Neocon War on Russia

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted Apr 24, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Before Obama started the New Cold War against Russia following Hillary’s failed attempt to take over Russia by interfering in the 2000 election, the world was much safer before all of this Neocon nonsense began when Obama came to power in 2008. Ever since then, Hillary, a staunch Neocon, did everything in her power to destroy the relations between the United States and Russia.

Macron Won – One Giant Step toward World War III

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re-Posted Apr 24, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Of course, Macron won amid allegations of vote tampering. If a ballot was torn in any way, which seems to have been those of Le Pen, they were just discarded. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY that the EU would have allowed Le Pen to win for she would have upset the EU and gone against this madness of creating a war with Russia to cover up the collapse in the monetary system thanks to 8+ years of negative interest rates.

The Die is Cast. Europe is headed into self-destruction. Meanwhile, the UK press is looking at putting on sanctions against Germany because they are still relying on Russian gas. We have the most braindead crop of world leaders in human history. Not a single one will bother to understand how world peace is actually accomplished.

While Rome conquered the known world, they quickly saw the benefits of being part of the Roman Empire – free trade! The conquered lands all began to sell local products to Rome and Romans were quick to invest in the newly conquered regions. It was economics that made Rome great. That is precisely what is being torn apart here dividing the world and in the process raising the threat of war.

This coin of Augustus (27BC-14AD) shows a conquered barbarian handing a child representing their nation to Augustus symbolizing their subservient posture to the Roman Empire. Cutting off Russia and hinting about sanctions against China and now against Germany for buying Russian energy is the precise way to create a world war. When there is no benefit in working together, then there is no reason for peaceful relations.

NEVER in my life have I ever witnessed such stupidity among world leaders. And just for the record, Putin is by far the ONLY rational leader. Those behind him think he has been too “SOFT” on Ukraine and he should have nuked Kyiv and then pound his chest asking who is next? There are those who would not hesitate to win for they already view this as a war with NATO and the United States using Ukrainians to try to weaken Russia for the kill. Hillary has even said so much.

The Dnieper River was the border of Ukraine as well as Belarus. It never included the east that was always Russia going back to the Russian Empire. Merely because the USSR assigned that region to Kyiv for administration did not transform ethnic Russians into Ukrainians. Naturally, some people just want to blame Russia and say they invaded without any discussion of the antics of the West or Zelensky which have deliberately provoked this war. The financial system was collapsing thanks to negative interest rates that have wiped out the European bond markets. They NEED this war to hide their decades of fiscal mismanagement.

This is a war simply intended to defeat Russia. Zelensky not only was elected under false pretenses promising peace and the end of corruption, but he has even waged war on the Russian religion like Henry VIII trying to seize all churches and eliminate Moscow and the Patriarch appointing all authority to Ukraine.

For this, those writing the scripts for Biden to deliver have destroyed the world economy and reversed all the world peace efforts since Kennedy and Nixon’s effort to divide China and Russia. All for what exactly? Climate Change or the real issue – the collapse of Keynesian Economics?

It is a shame that far too many Ukrainians are being used as pawns in this war. The more killed, the better. When the history of this period is written, we will see that the media has been creating this war just as they created the Spanish American War. The father of yellow journalism, Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), made his fortune by creating a fake war to sell more newspapers.

Perhaps the press is desperate for the same motive. CNN+ was a disaster and is being shut down. They had less viewership than even this blog. Perhaps CNN desperately needs war with blood in the streets to regain their viewership from the days of the Gulf War?

Pulitzer made his money by spilling the blood and guts of young Americans. Perhaps he felt guilty and left his estate to create the Pulitzer Prize for honest journalism – what a joke,

I was on the water over the weekend and the number of houses flying the Ukrainian flag warns that there will be support for World War III for these people have no clue that they have been manipulated into a position to support the real agenda.