GOPe and Media Narrative Engineers Set Stage for Tuesday Georgia Election as Referendum on Donald Trump Influence

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 23, 2022 | sundance 

You did not need to be a deep-thinking political follower to have seen the DeceptiCon seeds being dropped throughout Georgia in the past several weeks.  The basic narrative as engineered is that a Brian Kemp victory in the republican primary tomorrow proves the waning influence of MAGA Trump in the republican party.

Factually, albeit many subversively, from Ronna McDaniel to Mike Pence, to Mitch McConnell and every establishment republican who wants to see MAGA crushed in 2020 the same way they crushed the Tea Party in 2012, has been leaning heavily into the Georgia race to support incumbent governor Brian Kemp.  In the background of Georgia politics, the democrat operatives have been doing the same.  There is an alignment of interest.

The 2022 play book is similar to post 2010 era, when President Obama and Eric Holder triggered the IRS targeting of Tea Party conservative groups, and the republican old guard, including Mitch McConnell supported the effort.  One might say the modern UniParty in DC became most visible in the years between 2011 and 2014.  That UniParty alignment later became much more visible when the Tea Party 2.0 became MAGA in 2016 and drove the victory of Donald Trump.  The GOPe worked with Democrats to remove Trump as a result.

Now we see the UniParty, the bipartisan -reach across the aisle- professional political class, align again to use the Georgia primary in 2022 as the anti-MAGA launch point.  Their moves are as predictable as sunrise, and the advanced messaging from media transmits like a triggered flare from a tripwire.

CNN points out that a Brian Kemp victory means the era of Donald Trump is dead [SEE HERE].  The New York Times triggers a simultaneous flare from the flanking position.

New York Times – […] Thanks to Mr. Trump’s machinations, Georgia’s elections are once again freighted with outsized import, its primaries having become something of a referendum on the health of the Republican Party — and of American democracy.

A Kemp win would be a blow not only to Mr. Trump but also to the election denialism with which he has infected the G.O.P. Just this week, “stop the steal” truthers, determined to prove that Joe Biden cheated his way into the White House, won key primaries in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Another election denier with Mr. Trump’s endorsement, Representative Jody Hice, is running for Georgia secretary of state against the Republican incumbent, Brad Raffensperger.

A strong win by Mr. Kemp would be the most promising signal to date that many Republican voters, at least in Georgia, are ready to move on — not from Mr. Trump per se, but from his toxic fixation on 2020. It could also provide a hopeful model for other results-oriented Republican governors, evidence that they can thrive even without bowing to the former president’s anti-democratic obsessions. And if Mr. Trump plays things wrong, he could wind up damaging his own political fortunes as well. (read more)

The technical issues associated with the 2022 primary in Georgia are the real problem.  In many ways Georgia republican voters do not understand how the party has created the illusion of choice by manipulating the party rules.  I take criticism from those who are angered by my pointing out the obvious, but it’s not complicated really.  If the Republican party of Georgia did not want to manipulate the voting, they would never allow a system where Democrats select their candidate; it really is that simple.

Georgia is filled with battered conservatives who vote as republicans but do not see the UniParty backroom deals that have been made.  It takes a major event before the voters can pry the control levers from the private Club known as the Georgia GOP.

The ‘open primary’ is the tool the UniParty always exploits, and many people will remember Mississippi 2010 when the AME church network, the democrat political network, was paid by various Mitch McConnell allied PAC’s to vote against the insurgency represented by Chris McDaniel.

In Georgia a voter will select either the Republican or the Democrat ballot.  Most voters select the ballot that represents their affiliation.  However, the professional networks have organized operations where specific democrat constituencies go to the polls and take a republican ballot in order to select the weakest candidate in the primary.  Brian Kemp represents the interest of that Machiavellian voting bloc.

The Democrat candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, is running unopposed.  It’s the perfect storm where the AME church, ‘Black Voters Matter’ and other networks like ‘The New Georgia Project’ can go play in the Republican primary again.  But it’s not all bad news though, many of those cross-party voters will have no issue voting for Hershel Walker.

Hopefully, Mike Pence endorsed Brian Kemp can be held under 50% in the primary and that will trigger a runoff.  That’s the best-case scenario for Donald Trump endorsed candidate, David Perdue.

If Kemp exceeds 50% and wins the republican primary tomorrow the screaming narrative on Wednesday morning in every headline will be predictable.  After all, the seeds of this operation were planted long ago….

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