Woke Corporations Offering Relocation and Travel Cost Services for Employee Abortions

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 25, 2022 | sundance 

Yesterday we noted one of the likely downstream consequences from the Supreme Court decision on Roe might be that increased federalism and state control over abortion laws would lead to national ‘red lining.’  Essentially, leftists would avoid red state abortion restrictions and self-isolate in deepening blue regions where abortion is more common and accessible.

Within hours of that prediction, Google Inc sent an internal memo to employees offering to pay relocation assistance for any worker who would want to leave an area where abortion is likely to be restricted.

VIA NBC –  Google sent a companywide email Friday about the historic Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, explaining employees in affected states can apply for relocation without explaining why.

“This is a profound change for the country that deeply effects so many of us, especially women,” wrote Google Chief People officer Fiona Cicconi in an email to workers, viewed by CNBC. “Googlers can also apply for relocation without justification, and those overseeing this process will be aware of the situation.”

The note doesn’t say how many requests the company would approve and makes no promises. The company is still in the process of assigning relocations for employees who don’t want to come back into their assigned physical office due to the company’s return-to-office policy, which began in April.

Google has more than 30 locations across the U.S.  Cicconi also said it will be providing “support sessions” to employees in the coming days. (read more)

Assuming Google does not want to face lawsuits; and taking them at their word about no justification being needed; it would appear the reverse scenario is also true.  Google employees who work in an area of extreme leftism (deep blue), can ask for relocation to an area with a more conservative perspective (deep red).   This will be interesting to keep watching.

Additionally, Variety has compiled a list of several companies that will now pay health benefits to employees to travel out of state or region and terminate their pregnancy via abortion.

VARIETY – Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Comcast, Warner Bros. Discovery, Sony, Meta and several major media and entertainment companies said they will cover travel costs for employees seeking abortions after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

In the wake of the ruling, Disney reached out to employees on Friday to stress that they recognize the “impact” of the Supreme Court’s decision and “remain committed to providing comprehensive access to quality and affordable care” for all Disney employees and their families, which includes family planning and reproductive care, “no matter where they live,” an internal source told Variety.

For Disney employees unable to access a medical service, including abortions, in one location, they have a travel benefit that allows for “affordable coverage for receiving similar levels of care in another location.” Walt Disney World, one of the company’s major theme parks is located in Orlando. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has already moved to implement abortion restrictions that limit access to the procedure.

[…] Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish and chief people officer Nancy Phillips sent a memo to staff on Friday, obtained by Variety, confirming the company’s intentions to cover travel costs for employees seeking abortions, writing, “Reproductive health care through company-sponsored health insurance, including coverage for birth control, elective abortion care, miscarriage care and certain related travel expenses if the covered health service, such as abortion, is prohibited in your area.” (read more)

Hopefully the most radical leftists will now self-isolate and stop migrating to regions where traditional American values are being retained.  This would be a natural outcome if the actions of the left-wing democrats were to match their rhetoric.  Unfortunately, I fear the abortion issue is not as big a political issue as the megaphones in media would like to believe.  Recent polling has shown very little political benefit in/around the issue of abortion.

It would be a good outcome if overturning Roe resulted in democrats stopping their migration away from their own left-wing policy madness; however, I’m not sure the abortion issue will overcome their desire to live outside of their insanity.   Leftists are ultimately the best representatives of cognitive dissonance when it comes to living up to their own ideological standards.

Democrats have long been known as “Blue Locusts” because they flee the totalitarianism and consequences they create; then seek to destroy the abundance they desire to have around them.  Modern leftists are dangerous in the destructive outlooks they carry.

If the Roe decision resulted in these leftists self-isolating away from conservative states, this would be of great benefit.  Alas, I doubt they are as committed to the issue as they claim.

If all the leftist democrats were to isolate themselves in geographic safe spaces, the non-breeding Moonbat population would decline and eventually disappear.   Unfortunately, I doubt we could be this lucky.

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