Battle Lines Being Drawn – Mike Pence Endorses Karrin Robson in Arizona, President Trump Endorses Kari Lake, Dueling Campaign Events Friday

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 18, 2022 | Sundance 

While the ranks of the MAGA rebel alliance continue to grow, it is obvious how the UniParty empire is striking back. On the presidential side of Republican politics, the Wall Street crowd are positioning their candidates:

The open-border GOPe crowd (Koch Inc.) have already put Kristi Noem into play with a book release and well financed marketing team. The foreign policy interventionist GOPe crowd (AIPAC lobby) are funding Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo respectively.  The GOPe white wine spritzer crowd (inside donor class) are funding the explorations of Mike Pence.  And the GOPe Wall Street hedge funds (political insurance experts and short sellers) are betting other people’s money on Ron DeSantis.

There will likely be other fish, but for now that’s the inside crew being financially fed by those who run the Republican Club.  Inside the death star, Decepticon Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOPe beltway control agents have contracted for the 2024 reupholstery of the club’s leather chairs, and the mahogany table is being refinished to remove scratches from the crystal brandy glasses that were slammed and shattered in prior bouts of UniParty frustration.

From the perspective of Republican club control, the MAGA rebellion must be crushed at all costs. Control over the mid-term outcome, which may include the intentional losing of key races in order to ensure full retention of club control, now heads into the championship rounds.  Mike Pence will lead the current fight in the battleground of Arizona, where the republican club cannot –and will not– permit the MAGA rebellion to interfere with their larger responsibility for open-borders and cheap labor migration.

There are trillions at stake. [Please note my emphasis below]

Washinton Post – PHOENIX — Former vice president Mike Pence is endorsing Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, a developer who has long been involved in Republican politics, instead of former president Donald Trump’s chosen candidate, Kari Lake.

[…]  The endorsement illustrates the division in the party between Trump supporters who value loyalty to him over all else and those who want to move on from endlessly litigating the 2020 election, including those who are grateful that Pence and other Republicans blocked Trump’s attempts to overturn the results. Trump and Pence, who are each thinking about running for president in 2024, both plan to be in Arizona on Friday to campaign for their chosen candidates ahead of an Aug. 2 primary.

Pence called Taylor Robson “the best choice for Arizona’s future” in a statement provided to The Washington Post.” (more)

Well, obviously, because all the best republicans provide advanced notice of intent to The Washington Post.  [[ insert massive eyeroll here ]]

Successful republican club politics always involves the illusion of choice.

Republican party candidates, those funded by the various mechanisms that eventually all lead back to Wall Street and the multinational banking and finance interests of the professional donor class, are more akin to Russian matryoshka nesting dolls.   Remove the top of one doll and the doll underneath is an exact duplicate, only smaller.  Keep removing them and eventually you get to the least visible doll, the one easiest to control, which is the one that all others are created to hide.

Pence is the biggest and most visible DeceptiCon in the republican club’s matryoshka operation.

I suspect Noem and/or DeSantis will be the doll we will find after all the other club masks fall.

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