Furrowed Brows Deepen as Jake Tapper Accepts Results of Latest CNN Poll About Joe Biden

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 18, 2022 | Sundance

Jake Tapper called the latest CNN polling “shocking” as the results deepened his perpetually furrowed brow.   Just about every metric surveyed in the poll of Joe Biden’s job performance is the lowest that CNN has ever polled.  Unfortunately, despite the entire nation rejecting the Biden administration and having an adverse reaction to the outcomes of Biden policy, there is no indication anything is going to change.

As we have stated from the early moments after the election, Joe Biden is simply a disposable political puppet for the people who are really running the administration.  Biden was selected and installed for his unique levels of selfishness, dementia and stupidity.  He is the disposable front man for a single term of insane left wing policy execution centered around radical transformation of the U.S. economy via Green New Deal energy and social justice policies.  CNN is simply measuring the American response. WATCH:


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