President Trump Lawyers Dispute Classified Status of Mar-a-Lago Documents, Refutes Arbitrary Definitions by DOJ and Supports Special Master Reviewing Everything

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 12, 2022 | Sundance

First, a follow-up.  In further support of CTH view of the Trump legal strategy, a bolstering prior media notation is worthy. In regard to the intent of the Trump -v- Clinton lawsuit a lawyer for President Trump told media: “Habba later said she might appeal the decision, and also that Trump had told her that the case would ultimately not be a winner and she should just drop it. “I said no. We have to fight. It’s not right what happened. And you know, he was right.”  {source} This expressed perspective from Trump -via a member of his legal team- supports our contention that creating the lawsuit as a vehicle to legally share documentary evidence and establish a silo (attny-client privilege) was the goal, not the actual outcome of the lawsuit itself.

Remember, the DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) was created by Barack Obama and Eric Holder to weaponize a relationship between Main Justice (DOJ) and the Intelligence Community (IC).  Within this structure, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) now used their newly created agency to monitor domestic political opposition under the guise of domestic threat surveillance.  [The Eye of Sauron]

Within the system they created, the DOJ-NSD collaborates with the newly established authorities of the DNI, which includes their unilateral authority to define documents they consider “classified.”  The intent is to conduct lawfare against the domestic target while both agencies shield their efforts under claims of national security.

That is the encapsulated modern mission and relationship between the DOJ-NSD and the Intelligence Community (ODNI). These are the two main pillars of the corrupt national surveillance state that exist based on collapsed oversight, as a result of ideological support from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  This is the weaponized fourth branch of government.

Now we turn to today.  Lawyers for President Trump submit a responsive filing to counter the DOJ effort to stay court order for a ‘special master.’ [Motion pdf Here].

The position of the DOJ-NSD, a position that should be considered in alignment with the ODNI, is that no outsider should be permitted to review their work product.  The DOJ does not want a court appointed special master to review what they are unilaterally declaring as “classified national security documents.”

The current legal position of Main Justice aligns with the fundamental precept of their corrupt lawfare creation.  In latin it would be “Lex est quod dico,” the law is what I say it is.  In the view of the current DOJ-NSD and intelligence apparatus represented by the ODNI, the classifications of Trump documents are what we say they are.  They will accept no outside scrutiny from the courts or others upon their arbitrary evaluation.   Yes, Lawfare is that arrogant.

The attorney’s representing President Trump dismisses the notion of an omnipotent Main Justice being able to make arbitrary determinations and definitions to suit their Lawfare interests.  The people running the DOJ-NSD are not “inviolable”, or above reproach.

As we noted yesterday, in order to protect the documents held at Mar-a-Lago from the corrupt intent of the DOJ to confiscate and bury them, Team Trump built a framework for legal review of the documents as well as silos using attorney-client privilege.

Calling the Lawfare agents and ODNI operatives “bureaucratic components” of the executive branch is likely to make them big mad.  From the perspective of the DOJ-NSD ideologues, how dare Donald Trump question the authorities of their power.   However, if you peel all the skin from this legal ruse, President Trump’s lawyers hold the accurate viewpoint.

[PDF of court motion Here]

(Via Wall Street Journal) – WASHINGTON—Lawyers for former President Donald Trump pressed a federal judge to allow an independent attorney to review all of the documents the FBI seized in its search of Mar-a-Lago, including those marked classified, saying they didn’t trust the Justice Department to accurately represent what was in them.

“The Government has not proven these records remain classified. That issue is to be determined later,” Mr. Trump’s lawyers wrote in a Monday morning filing to U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, who last week ordered the appointment of a special master in the matter.

They disputed the status of around 100 documents marked as classified, which the Justice Department had signaled were central to a criminal investigation, providing their most specific arguments yet to counter prosecutors’ request to continue evaluating the documents for national-security concerns.

“In opposing any neutral review of the seized materials, the Government seeks to block a reasonable first step towards restoring order from chaos and increasing public confidence in the integrity of the process,” the Trump legal team said.

Separately, Mr. Trump’s lawyers and prosecutors later on Monday are expected to comment on each others’ candidates for the special-master role. (more)

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