Something Smells About the Raid of Trump

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Back in October 2020, Trump issued had issued a major declassification order for every Russiagate document. He also included every former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton document to be declassified. Sources in Washington suggest that the National Archives is playing politics and has ignored the declassification of all the RussiaGate documents. The raid of Trump appears to be a move to protect the full disclosure of what took place under RussiaGate. This may get far worse if the true scope of the seized documents ends up being revealed. Let’s see what surfaces. The president has the power to declassify any document. This is raising serious questions as to what is going on at the National Archieves.

Sunday Talks, Representative Scott Perry Discusses His Encounter with a Tyranical DOJ

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Representative Scott Perry, R-Penn., appears with Maria Baritomo to discuss his experience with the FBI after agents confiscated his cell phone. Additionally, Mr Perry discusses the Biden administration’s handling of national security issues including China, Iran and the U.S-Mexico border. {Direct Youtube Link}


After Six Days of Silence, Ron DeSantis Surfaces in Arizona During TPUSA Rally for Kari Lake and Blake Masters – 8:30pm ET Livestream

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Ongoing livestream via RSBN from Arizona.  Turning Point Action Unite and Win Rally with Ron DeSantis in support candidates Kari Lake, and Blake Masters. With live coverage from the field with Brian Glenn. Coverage begins at 8:30 PM ET.

RSBN Rumble Livestream Link

It is Official, Jill Biden’s Wardrobe Consultant is Kamala Harris’ Speechwriter

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There is no other reasonable explanation that makes sense.  [LINK]  Jill Biden’s wardrobe consultant/clothier must also be Kamala Harris’ speechwriter.

This much fail cannot possibly come from two different people.  [IMAGE LINK]

Also, why are they letting Jill Biden steal snow globes from the souvenir shop?

Using Familiar Leaks, the New York Times Frames the Case Against President Trump 4.0

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State Dept use CNN.  CIA/IC use Washington Post. DOJ/FBI use New York Times/Politico. These are the constants in an ever evolving, ever changing, yet always consistent narrative engineering roadmap.

The New York Times frames the newest version of the ‘case against Trump.’  This is technically update 4.0, from the original 2015/2016 targeting effort.  Version 2.0 was Robert Mueller. Version 3.0 was the impeachment revision built upon 1.0 and 2.0.

In the latest update, 4.0 carries the same intent but a modified and expanded design.

New York Times – […] Last year, officials with the National Archives discovered that Mr. Trump had taken a slew of documents and other government material with him when he left the White House at the end of his tumultuous term in January 2021. That material was supposed to have been sent to the archives under the terms of the Presidential Records Act.

Mr. Trump returned 15 boxes of material in January of this year. When archivists examined the material, they found many pages of documents with classified markings and referred the matter to the Justice Department, which began an investigation and convened a grand jury.

In the spring, the department issued a subpoena to Mr. Trump seeking additional documents that it believed may have been in his possession. 

[…]  In an effort to resolve the dispute, Mr. Bratt and other officials visited Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., in early June, briefly meeting Mr. Trump while they were there. Two of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, M. Evan Corcoran and Christina Bobb, spoke with Mr. Bratt and a small number of investigators he traveled with, people briefed on the meeting said.

Mr. Corcoran and Ms. Bobb showed Mr. Bratt and his team boxes holding material Mr. Trump had taken from the White House that were being kept in a storage area, the people said.

According to two people briefed on the visit, Mr. Bratt and his team left with additional material marked classified, and around that time also obtained the written declaration from a Trump lawyer attesting that all the material marked classified in the boxes had been turned over.

A short time after the meeting, according to people briefed on it, Mr. Bratt sent Mr. Corcoran an email telling him to get a more secure padlock for the room. Mr. Trump’s team complied.

The Justice Department also subpoenaed surveillance footage from Mar-a-Lago recorded over a 60-day period, including views from outside the storage room. According to a person briefed on the matter, the footage showed that, after one instance in which Justice Department officials were in contact with Mr. Trump’s team, boxes were moved in and out of the room.  (read more)

That’s essentially the nub of the current DOJ/FBI effort to target/remove President Trump.

According to the narrative, President Trump isn’t allowed to have any records of his administration.  So goes the origin of the targeting.  All other presidents are permitted to have documents, but not Trump.   Trump bad. All others, good.

…”the footage showed that, after one instance in which Justice Department officials were in contact with Mr. Trump’s team, boxes were moved in and out of the room.” Yeah, well, kind of hard to respond to whatever they wanted, without actually touching or moving the boxes; but ignore that… we need to make it suspicious or something.

NBC Legal Analyst Barb McQuade showcases the current DOJ plan as outlined by the Lawfare crew. [link]

To anyone concerned, I would simply say ‘relax‘.  Be angry, but not despondent.

The effort is as much intended to wear YOUR psyche down as it is to attack Trump.  Remember the Alinsky strategy: Ridicule, Isolate, Marginalize… This is the essential goal of political lawfare.

Yes, political lawfare is corrupt, horrible and infuriating.   However, at the end of the day it is based on weak arguments and fear.

The problem they face against Trump is simple.  In 2020 President Trump earned 75 million votes in the election.  75 million.  How can they duplicate the election fraud to defeat 75 million voters, without the benefit of covid mail-in ballots?

That’s their problem.  They cannot defeat him or us.

They must remove President Trump because he/we represent an existential threat.

They will fail…

….There are more of us, than them.

Sunday Talks, Adam Schiff Claims He Has Seen No Evidence That President Trump Declassified Documents, a Ridiculous Lie

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The agenda around the targeting of President Trump and any documents held in his Mar-a-Lago home is obvious. However, the framing of the media narrative around the targeting effort is even more ridiculous than the Trump-Russia conspiracy narrative.  [Transcript]

Appearing on CBS Face the Nation, current HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff, a man of notoriously deceitful disposition, claims he has seen no evidence President Trump declassified documents prior to the end of his term. A ridiculous lie debunked by years of statements and documents from former DNI Ric Grenell, former DNI John Ratcliffe President Trump himself, and documents from the White House to the DOJ that are now part of the public record.  WATCH:

I know it is painful to watch these deep state participants spin their nonsense; the sanctimonious nonsense from the CBS narrative engineers is even worse. However, it is only by watching the narrative pushed toward the audience that you can truly absorb the intents and motives of the deepest Deep State liars, which includes republicans.

[Transcript] – MARGARET BRENNAN: You are typically told about covert operations, ongoing national security threats. Do you have any sense at this time whether the information that Donald Trump had in his Florida residence posed any kind of threat to national security?

REP. SCHIFF: Well, all I know about the actual materials is what was in that search warrant inventory, but from that alone, you can tell there was a serious risk to disclosure potentially of sources and methods, because some of those documents were marked top secret, sensitive compartmented information. That is among the highest of designation in terms of the- the extremely grave damage to national security that could be done if it were disclosed. So, the fact that they were in an unsecure place that is guarded with nothing more than a padlock or whatever security they had at a hotel is deeply alarming. And I have asked for, along with Chairman Maloney, a damage assessment by the intelligence community and a briefing to Congress.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Will you get one? Have you heard from the Director of National Intelligence?

REP. SCHIFF: I have not heard back yet. But I’m confident we will get one and I’m confident the intelligence community will do a damage assessment that is, I think, fairly routine when there has been the potential risk of disclosure of national security information or classified information. What is, to me, most disturbing here is the degree to which at least from the public reporting, it attempted- you know, it appears to be willful, on the President’s part, the- the- the keeping of these documents after the government was requesting them back. And that is- adds another layer of concern.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, if there were truly materials of this classification level, and it’s been publicly reported elsewhere, that there were materials related to nuclear programs, for example, if there was that sensitive level of information being held, why did Justice Department officials wait 18 months after the end of the Trump presidency? What changed that made this immediate?

REP. SCHIFF: I don’t know. But if the Trump people represented that they provided all the classified or national security information and didn’t, that’s a serious problem. I can tell you anyone in the intelligence community that had documents like that marked top secret SCI, in their residence after authorities went to them, you know, they would be under serious investigation.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You know, the President has broad declassification authority when he is in office, but typically a declassification is memorialized in some way. Can you seek out the answer to the question of whether there actually is record of whether Donald Trump declassified that? That’s his defense here, that anything he had, he had already declassified.

REP. SCHIFF: Yes, we should determine, you know, whether there was any effort during the presidency to go through the process of declassification. I’ve seen no evidence of that, nor have they presented any evidence of that. The idea, first of all, a former president has no declassification authority. And the idea that 18 months after the fact Donald Trump- Trump could simply announce, well, I’m you know, retroactively declassifying or whatever I took home had the effect of declassifying them is absurd. But nonetheless, the statutes the Justice Department are asserting in the search warrant, don’t even require that they still be classified. If they would be damaging to national security, it’s a problem. It’s a major problem. And finally, I’d like to add the reaction of many of my Republican colleagues and those around the former president to attack the FBI over this and endanger FBI agents is just another damaging level of irresponsibility.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, also, we learned this past week that your colleague, Congressman Scott Perry, who leads the Freedom Caucus- the Justice Department seized his cell phone as part of their investigation into the attempts to overturn the election results in 2020 and that slate of fake electors. The committee looked into his actions and the slate of fake electors. We heard during the public testimony about that, and some conspiracy theories that he had been talking to Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff, about. Are those two parts of those investigations overlapping here?

REP. SCHIFF: Well, to the degree that the Justice Department appears to be investigating the fake elector plot, then yes, our investigations would very much be overlapping. What is to me most striking about the seizure of that phone is in order to do that, of course, they would have to make a showing to a judge or grand jury about there being probable cause that there was evidence of a crime on that phone and the fact that it was a member of Congress’s phone, I think, would make the Justice Department all the more certain, or need to be certain, that they had the probable cause. And that also suggests the Department thinks that this fake elector plot was a violation of law, which I think it certainly was. So, I think it’s very significant. All those respects.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah, and just- that is its own federal investigation there. On another topic, I want to ask you, we are coming up on this one-year anniversary of the U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the Taliban takeover of that country. You said at the time of the withdrawal, that you would have liked the military to stay on as long as necessary to get Americans out and fulfill our obligation to our allies. You had pledged vigorous oversight. We haven’t seen the White House or State Department after-action reports on this. The country is just in utter devastation under Taliban rule. Did it really have to be this bad?

REP. SCHIFF: Well, I certainly don’t think the withdrawal had to go as it did, and the loss of American lives during the withdrawal, and the degree to which it took months and months and we continue to try to help people escape from Afghanistan, I think could have been handled differently. But I do think that we- we have demonstrated, the administration has demonstrated with the killing of Zawahiri, the number two in Al-Qaeda under Bin Laden, that it retains the capability, much as it said it would a year later to go after those that threaten the country

wherever they may be, in this case, the heart of Kabul. I think, you know, the killing of Zawahiri, shows both the danger and also our capability. The danger in that I think clearly high elements of the Taliban government had to know that he was there and were giving him safe harbor at the same time.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –Is Al-Qaeda an ongoing threat?

REP. SCHIFF: Al Qaeda is an ongoing threat. I think, though, that the threat from al Qaeda is probably greater outside Afghanistan than it is in Afghanistan.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Chairman Schiff, thank you for your time this morning. We’ll be back in a moment. (read more)

Think about it…. Any documents that would show a corrupt deep state targeting effort against Donald Trump would be considered a ‘threat to national security,’ as defined by the people doing the targeting against Trump.  It’s the issue CTH has been outlining for years.


Brazen Elitists Don’t Care That You Notice Their Hypocrisy

The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show Published originally on Rumble on August 11, 2022

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton know that the Biden family has no shame. Hunter Biden, a man who is in a class of his own when it comes to felonies, flew all the way across the country to be able to ride in Air Force One with Joe Biden, and take advantage of the great photo op, of course.

When Corruption is Rewarded

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civilization R3-Posted Aug 14, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

House Democrats Refuse to Support Second Part of Manchin-Schumer Deal for Increased Energy Development and Permitting

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Looks like we are going to find out exactly what Joe Manchin’s leverage was over Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer {REMINDER HERE}.

On July 31, According to Manchin the deal between himself, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden includes his support for the current green energy spending, in exchange for two new items in future legislation: 1) Streamlined energy permitting/regulation; and 2) Increased development of Oil, Coal, Gas.  Both of these pieces of legislation have to be handled in a separate Senate bill.

According to Manchin, his agreement to the current spending bill was contingent upon a promise that: (A) Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will generate a new bill for streamlined energy permitting and increased oil, gas and coal development; (B) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will take up the Senate bill and whip enough of her House Democrat membership to join with Republicans in support of that Senate bill; and (C) Joe Biden will sign that increased energy production bill.

Here’s the important part.  Senator Manchin claimed he has leverage over Biden, Pelosi and Schumer to ensure a new bill with those priorities is created and advanced.  Manchin further claimed there were “consequences” for Biden, Pelosi and Schumer if they were to renege on the deal.  He is quite emphatic about that point if you listen to the NBC interview. (LINK)

The only possible leverage Manchin could have of such significance would be a threat to switch parties if Biden, Pelosi and/or Schumer reneged on the deal.  That would immediately flip the Senate.  In the latest development, the House democrats are threatening not to support the increased energy production and streamlined permitting part.

(Politico) – House Democrats managed to maintain party discipline in passing a historic climate bill heavily influenced by fossil fuel state centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) on Friday. But a contentious, intraparty battle on permitting of energy projects lies ahead.

Progressives ultimately supported the Inflation Reduction Act now heading to President Joe Biden’s desk despite it spending less to fight climate change than initially envisioned in the Build Back Better legislation. But they are now vowing to fight a secondary agreement struck by Manchin, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Biden to pass permitting reform legislation aimed at speeding up the building of oil and gas pipelines, green infrastructure projects and mines to dig up critical minerals.

“I am not going to be steamrolled into a bunch of fossil fuel give-aways just because Manchin cut a deal in a closed room with Chuck Schumer,” said Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.). “He doesn’t get to run the show on something like this, and many of us will have a say on what that deal looks like if it even happens.” (more)

The barking moonbats were obviously not part of the negotiations.  However, if they dig in, we might find out what that leverage was that Joe Manchin was talking about.

Deep Space Thoughts, with Kamala Harris

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There are two administration officials, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg, who are in a consistent state of competition with each other, about who can assemble 50 words into a 500-word speech.  The competition has been a back-and-forth contest for several years; however, Kamala’s latest entry might be hard for Pete to beat.  WATCH:


Now it might seem unfair to take just one-minute of a soundbite as representative of her latest entry in the Hall of Shameful Linguistics, but the longer version doesn’t change the cross-eyed, what the heck did she just say, dynamic.  See below.

When you look at the next segment, the alarming part is…. she’s reading it from a teleprompter.  Meaning, someone actually assembled these words in typeset for a speech, and Kamala is reading it.  LOOK:


To be fair, public speaking is not easy; however, public speaking is usually speaking.  I have no idea what these word assemblies would be called.