Jim Jordan Outlines Claims by FBI Whistleblower

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 19, 2022 | Sundance

Representative Jim Jordan appeared on Tucker Carlson’s evening broadcast to outline the claims by a DC Bureau FBI whistleblower.  {Direct Rumble Link} In his framing of the statements from the FBI insider, Jordan states the FBI are intentionally diverting resources to investigate claims surrounding the J6 narrative in an effort to give the appearance of a national domestic extremist threat.  WATCH:


The creation of a national narrative to inflate the appearance of Domestic Violent Extremists, would fall directly in line with the prior examples of the FBI politicizing their agency.

In semi-related news, Joe Biden quietly extended the 9/11/01 National Terrorism Emergency today. {LINK HERE} For 21 years the 2001 National Terrorism Emergency has been continued as a tool for the Dept of Homeland Security, through the FBI, to use powers not granted by congress.   Yes, twenty-one-years of continuous extensions.

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