The Real Anthony Fauci

Children’s Heath Defense

Dear friend,I wrote “The Real Anthony Fauci” so that Americans — both Democrat and Republican — can understand Dr. Fauci’s pernicious role in allowing pharmaceutical companies to dictate a COVID-19 response that trampled public health, the global economy, our constitutional rights and all the traditional values of liberalism.Despite the suppression of media coverage, the book became a bestseller.Selling over 1,000,000 copies since the release in November 2021.Spending 17 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list.Soaring to #1 on Amazon, over three months.Appearing on Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists.Instead of fostering transparency and respectful debate, and implementing the traditional, well-established public health strategies for countering pandemics, Dr. Fauci promoted a militarized and monetized response including draconian lockdowns, business closures, coercive vaccination with experimental jabs, and a litany of totalitarian controls that transformed our country into a surveillance state and racked up the world’s highest COVID-19 body count.He then worked with Big Pharma, media and social media titans, and Pentagon and intelligence agencies to vilify and marginalize dissent, punish every attempt at questioning, and to gaslight skeptics. Government worked with media and social media titans to ban books, silence physicians and scientists, and condemn artists, writers, poets, and intellectuals who questioned the unscientific orthodoxies of the medical and biosecurity cartels.CHD has partnered with our friends at Revealed Films to transform my book into a compelling documentary that exposes the corrupt reign of the “nation’s most trusted doctor,” Dr. Fauci and his accomplices in a coup d’etat that almost developed.The documentary will stream for FREE on October 18, 2022.We need your support to be able to conquer the censorship and ensure that millions of people are able to view the film. Together we can get the truth to the masses and reveal the story of “The Real Anthony Fauci.”
Donate today to expose
The Real Anthony Fauci
In truth,
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

Link to the site with information on the coming movie

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