Fauci’s Door to Door Vaccine Campaign Fails

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Mar 22, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

This video is circulating the internet that shows RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE. Dr. Anthony Fauci goes door to door, pressuring residents of Washington, DC, to take an experimental injection for an experimental virus he likely helped leak. Watch how the people destroy Fauci’s misinformation in a few short minutes. One woman explains to Fauci that his shot does not prevent infection or transmission—what’s the point of taking the vaccine at all? “They’re not doing it because they’re saying they don’t want to do it. They’re Republicans and they don’t like being told what to do,” Fauci stated at the beginning of the video as if this issue were political.

The second man in this video really tells Fauci to Fauci off. They’re still pressuring people to take the vaccine under the pretense that it will protect the public, although even the pharmaceutical companies admit the vaccines provide no such protection. When the gentleman in the video expresses his hesitation with valid points, Fauci attempts to present “the science,” which we have learned is ever-changing based on the agenda. “When you start talking about paying people to get vaccinated…when you start incentivizing people to get vaccinated, there is something going on with that,” the skeptical American said. He then told them that the entire pandemic was about FEAR and inciting terror within the population to force them to behave as ordered.

Nature published an article entitled, “Vaccine incentives do not backfire — policymakers take note.” The study claims that cash incentives for vaccinations do not have negative consequences. “Eager to get vaccines into as many arms as possible, [governments] began to offer unusual incentives: in San Luis, Philippines, vaccinated residents could enter a sweepstake to win a cow; in Hong Kong, the windfall was an apartment; in West Virginia, it was a hunting rifle, among other prizes,” the study notes. They truly think the public is clueless and willing to risk their health for a prize. Other local governments offered marijuana, school scholarship sweepstakes, grocery discounts, free rideshares, vacations, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and even an opportunity to win a family reunion.

The study published by Nature determined that the Great Unwashed could be persuaded:

"However, people and policymakers still worry that such incentives could have unintended negative consequences. People might expect payment for future vaccinations, for instance. Or they might think the payments are compensation for something that isn’t safe or could be unpleasant. Now, the results of two trials published in a paper on 11 January in Nature suggest that simple cash payments have no such unintended effects."

Independent thought is the greatest tool we have against the globalists.

Hunter Biden Countersues Laptop Repair Shop Owner

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Mar 20, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He found the horrendous, unspeakable content on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. John Paul thought he did the right thing by contacting the authorities, but they were in the Biden crime family’s pocket. The FBI stormed his shop and locked away the laptop. No one was permitted to say that the laptop even existed. Now, Hunter Biden is filing legal charges against the computer shop owner for violating his privacy. America is not a democracy; Joe Biden is a tyrant who is above the law.

The nerve these people have where they believe they have the “privacy” to conceal CP and treasonous secrets against the US. The contents of the computer were discovered on June/July 2019, before his dad could be installed as president. Intelligence agencies threatened media platforms such as Facebook and warned them against uncovering the story. Zuckerburg even admitted to censoring any story involving the laptop during Joe Biden’s presidential run. Everyone knows the truth behind the curtain but the public was brainwashed into believing it was all a big lie.

Hunter Biden finally admitted that the laptop was his in February 2023. Actually, he alluded that the laptop could be his in a statement written by his lawyers. So for three years, CNN, NYT, Washington Post, MSNBC, and nearly every media outlet denied that the laptop existed. Believe it or not, they actually tried to blame RUSSIA for Hunter Biden’s depraved recorded behavior.

The shop owner really is innocent in all of this mess, and it shows how the Bidens truly do not care about the average person. The owner looked at the contents of the computer because the laptop owner, who admittedly was using crack cocaine and other illegal drugs at the time, failed to pick it up within 90 days and could not be reached. I can assure you that the contents of that computer would send anyone to jail for a very long time. His father, the sitting US president, would also be sent to jail if this were a just system. Around 67% of the American people wanted Joe Biden impeached over the contents of the laptop before Hunter’s team even admitted it was real. Show the public the truth of Joe Biden’s treasonous involvement before the next election — the people have a right to know who they are voting for.


First published on BitChute at 21:11 UTC on March 17th, 2023.

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The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection

Posted originally on the CTH on March 12, 2023 | Sundance

The Ring of Truth – “I am too well accustomed to the taking of evidence not to detect the ring of truth.” 1908, Edith Wharton

Much has been made of the events of January 6, 2021, and with the latest broadcast of CCTV video from inside the Capitol Hill complex, more questions have been raised.

Within the questions: the FBI and government apparatus had advanced knowledge of the scale of the J6 mall assembly yet doing nothing?  Why were the Capitol Hill police never informed of the FBI concerns?  Why didn’t House Speaker Nancy Pelosi secure the Capitol Hill complex, and why did she deny the request by President Trump to call up the national guard for security support?  Why did the FBI have agent provocateurs in the crowd, seemingly stimulating rage within a peaceful crowd to enter the Capitol building?  There have always been these nagging questions around ‘why’?

Long time CTH reader “Regitiger” has spent a great deal of time reviewing the entire process, looking at the granular timeline and then overlaying the bigger picture of the constitutional and parliamentary process itself.  What follows below is a brilliant analysis of the federal government motive to create a J6 crisis that permitted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to trigger an emergency session and avoid the 2020 election certification challenges.

Those congressional floor challenges, known and anticipated well in advance of the morning of January 6, 2021, would have formed a legal and constitutional basis for ‘standing’ in judicial challenges that would have eventually reached the Supreme Court.  The certification during “emergency session” eliminated the problem for Washington DC.

Regitiger explains below, only edited by me for clarity and context:

I think most, not all, but a large number of people, are totally missing what happened; and why this happened on Jan 6th.  I am going to try my best to outline the events that day, blast past the commonly held assumptions and get right down to the core corruption.

I will present this as a series of questions and answers.

♦ Q1: How do you prevent congress from delaying the certification of state electoral votes?

A: It requires a crisis. A crisis that creates an “emergency” …An “emergency” that invokes special house rules.

FACTS: Remember carefully, focus please. Just moments, literally 3 minutes before two representatives issued a vote for motions to suspend the certification, the House members were “informed” by capitol police and other “agents” that a protest was about to breach the chambers. It was at this time that key people: Pence, Pelosi, Schumer, Mcconnell can be seen being walked out and escorted from the chamber. This effectively halted the Entire Chamber Process.

♦ Q2: Why was it necessary to halt the chamber process?

A: The crisis was created to eliminate the motion challenges to halt the certification and to begin voting to look into voting irregularities and fraud

FACTS: The two motions were completely legal and constitutional under at least two constitutionally recognized procedures… procedures that would REQUIRE the house to pause the certification and then vote to determine whether the motions of suspend could move forward.

♦ Q3: What was so important to refuse this motion and the subsequent votes to suspend the electoral certification?

A: It was important to remove that process entirely and continue the fraud and certify the fraud with no detractors on record. This effectively gives no standing for a SCOTUS ruling appeal!  Understand this.  If those two motions, even just one had successfully been voted EVEN IF THE MOTIONS were DENIED IN VOTE, this gives those who presented them with STANDING FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL ARGUMENT BEFORE SCOTUS. 

♦ Q4: Could this have been done some other way other than creating a crisis/protest?

A: Unlikely. In order to prevent those two motions, requires that speaker of the house, minority leaders, and the president of the congress (vice president of the United States: Pence), to NOT BE PRESENT IN THE CHAMBERS.

Once the capitol police and other “law enforcements agents” informed the speaker and these three other individuals, Pelosi UNILATERALLY UNDER EMERGENCY RULES, suspended the business of the congress. This protest was necessary. The crisis was created because there is no other way to suspend the business of certification UNILATERALLY. By creating a crisis invokes emergency procedures. No other circumstances other than war or mass simultaneous explosive diarrhea can create such unilateral speaker delivered suspension of the certification.

♦ Q5: Why did the motions, once that the speaker RECONVENED congress, move forward back again to the floor for votes? Why were members disallowed to even consider putting forward ANY motions to the floor in when the chamber business was reopened?

A: The Speaker initiated the NEW sessions under special emergency rules. These rules abandon and make it clear that the ONLY purpose of the new session was to EXPEDITE the certification and dismiss all prior regular session procedural rules. This is why those two motions to table votes to consider a debate and pause to the certifications of state vote electors never happened later that evening when the house business was reconvened!

♦ Q6: Other than new rules, emergency rules, what other peculiar things occurred when the speaker reconvened?

A: Members were allowed to “vote” in proxy, remotely, not being present.  You can use your imagination about what conditions were placed on ALL members during this time to prevent anyone from “getting out of line”.

Also clearly, it was at THIS NEW SESSION that VP Pence, President of Congress, would also have no ability to even consider pausing the electoral certification, because there were no motions of disagreements on the matter. So, in a technical legal claim, he is correct that he had no constitutional authority to address any issues of fraud or doubts about electoral irregularities. But this completely dismisses the FACT that congress created rules in this crisis/emergency that never allowed them to be floored!

Understand what happened in Jan 6, 2021.  Don’t get hung up on Viking impostors, stolen Pelosi computers, podium heists, and complicit capitol police. Understand the process and what happened and what WAS NOT ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.

This was a coup….it was a very organized and carefully planned coup. VP Pence without a doubt as well as most members of the house were quite aware of how the certification was going to be MANAGED.  It would require new rules to prevent the debate clause from occurring!  New rules that ONLY AN EMERGENCY CRISIS COULD CREATE! So, they created an emergency.

•NOTED: I understand why many people have great interest in debunking the j6 event. I get that. I think it is important to dissect and examine the events of that day but please, step back and understand WHY these things happened. Examine the chain of events in congress.  Why those two motions that would have at least paused the certification THAT WOULD GIVE VP PENCE THE CONSTITUTIONALLY RECOGNIZED POWER TO MOVE TO SUSPEND THE ELECTORAL CERTIFICATION AND THEN EXAMINE THE IRREGULARITIES AND CLAIMS OF FRAUD!

At the very center of this coup stands Mike Pence, the same individual who also spoiled President Trump’s first opportunities in the earlies hours of his Presidency just 4 years prior, when he created and facilitated the removal of Lt General Michael Flynn. I will not spend much time on this thread explaining why Lt Gen Flynn was so important to President Trump and why the IC was so afraid he would have advisory power to the President. That I will leave for another day, another time. But understand this clearly: MIKE PENCE WAS AND IS WORKING FOR THE MOST CORRUPT CRIMINAL TREASONOUS PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT.

•PRO TIP: If you really want to get a true understanding of this matter videos of protesters walking in the capitol is not going to address them. Actual video and timeline records of events and the specific actions taken by the speaker just moments before TWO MAJOR ELECTORAL ALTERING MOTIONS WERE ABOUT TO BE FLOORED.

This crisis was developed just in time with a precise coordination to prevent those two motions to be entered into the chamber record. The two motions do not exist. The emergency powers established in the new session made sure they never could be entered. The emergency powers could never happen without a crisis.

God Bless America!”


Note from Author: “I started this effort years ago.  To date, no one and I mean no one has replied.  It’s as if everyone that can expose it that has a larger platform is either disinterested, or suspiciously withdrawn from the issue.  I made several comments about this over the years right here at CTH, on article threads that are relevant to the topic.

I was watching the certification live that day. I recorded it ALL on every channel. I was doing this because no matter what happened that day, I KNEW IT WOULD BE A PROFOUND AND SIGNIFICANT EVENT TO REMEMBER. I never in my wildest imagination (and I have a pretty vivid imagination, always have), expected to see the unmistakable perfectly timed “coincidences” that occurred.

One member raises a motion (with another in waiting for his turn) those two motions were well known and advertised. These were motions to vote for a pause in the certification to examine electoral vote fraud and irregularities. I can’t speak to the veracity and substance of those motions. They were never allowed to even be floored. it was at that exact moment that the house chambers were suspended and 4 of the key members, Pence, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell were escorted OUT right after initiating the end of the session.

Effectively, this resulted in that motion never being floored at all.  Then, when reconvened under special emergency rules, inexplicably those two motions (and perhaps more – we will never know – or will we?) were not even attempted to be motioned. That was not just peculiar to me.

It all started to make more sense when I did some study on constitutional law AND THE HISTORY of specific special authorities given to president of the congress, Pence in this case. Not only did he have the authority and power to suspend the certification, but the duty to address the motion in the same sense that it becomes vital to the debate clause.

There really is no higher significance of weight given to the debate clause than the certification of the votes. This was more than odd to me the way that the media and pence framed their narrative: Pence would not have the constitutional power to suspend certification.  Then it hit me, like the obvious clue that was there all the time. He was right. But the reason he is right, is because there WAS NO MOTION ON THE FLOOR TO CAUSE HIM TO SUSPEND!

Understanding this, happened for me about 4 or 5 months after this Jan 6 day.  I took me this long to examine the facts, look at the video again, compare it to the arguments made by several leading constitutional academics, and again, inexplicably even some that I respect seemed to dodge that central reality.  The motions were never allowed to be floored in the re-convened house rules later that evening. Most would not even venture to address the exotically coincidence that the moment those two members would stand to place the motion before the house, that the House Speaker Pelosi AND Pence ended the session, effectively blocking the motions from being heard in normal house rules.

It’s been a journey for me. A journey that was initiated because I am just a simple but curious person. Perhaps even to a point where I get obsessive in those efforts. Many days and nights combing over the details. praying and trying to make sense of what makes little sense. With over 6 states having serious well known and obvious defects in the voting process, some more credible to believe – some less, but one would not expect the house would be so deliberate in marching past the motions that were definitely going to be present to slow this process down and take the time to get it right. Even IF the claims never reached an intersection that would change the outcome.

There are two possibilities: Millions of people, against all the odds, hitting all-time records even past Obama and Clinton, voted for a naval gazing ambulatory pathological racist moron. And chose Joe Malarkey as their leader.  Or this was a coup, a conspiracy, and a treasonous manipulation regime change because President Trump could not be controlled by the deep state and globalists who OWN AND OPERATE WASHINGTON DC.


The only way for THE PEOPLE to gain power in this country is to force the transfer of it.  If truth isn’t the fuel and vehicle, we will just be replacing deck chairs and hitting the next series of expected ice bergs.

Knowing the truth is not enough; however, it is truth that makes it a righteous cause.

God Bless America!”


Sundance provides an addendum in support:

Julie Kelly – […] Just as the first wave of protesters breached the building shortly after 2 p.m., congressional Republicans were poised to present evidence of rampant voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Ten incumbent and four newly-elected Republican senators planned to work with their House colleagues to demand the formation of an audit commission to investigate election “irregularities” in the 2020 election. Absent an audit, the group of senators, including Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) pledged to reject the Electoral College results from the disputed states.

The Hail Mary effort was doomed to fail; yet the American people would have heard hours of debate related to provable election fraud over the course of the day.

And no one opposed the effort more than ex-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). 

During a conference call on December 31, 2020, McConnell urged his Republican Senate colleagues to abandon plans to object to the certification, insisting his vote to certify the 2020 election results would be “the most consequential I have ever cast” in his 36-year Senate career.

From the Senate floor on the afternoon of January 6, McConnell gave a dramatic speech warning of the dire consequences to the country should Republicans succeed in delaying the vote. He downplayed examples of voting fraud and even mocked the fact that Trump-appointed judges rejected election lawsuits. 

“The voters, the courts, and the States have all spoken,” McConnell insisted. “If we overrule them, it would damage our Republic forever. If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral.”

Roughly six hours later, McConnell got his way. Cowed by the crowd of largely peaceful Americans allowed into the building by Capitol police, most Republican senators backed off the audit proposal. McConnell, echoing hyperbolic talking points about an “insurrection” seeded earlier in the day by Democratic lawmakers and the news media, gloated. “They tried to disrupt our democracy,” he declared on the Senate floor after Congress reconvened around 8 p.m. “This failed attempt to obstruct Congress, this failed insurrection, only underscores how crucial the task before us is for our Republic.”

Congress officially certified the Electoral College results early the next day. (read more)

Moderna Never Had a Sample of the Virus

Armstrong Economics Blog/Vaccine Re-Posted Mar 11, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

This video clip shows that Moderna never even has a sample of the virus to make a vaccine. It was all just theoretical computer science.

Director Wray Brags the FBI Broke the Law 84% Fewer Times Last Year – Rep Darin LaHood Outlines Personal Targeting by FBI Analysts Unlawfully Searching NSA Databases

Posted originally on the CTH on March 10, 2023 | Sundance

Drawing attention to the testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray in his responses to Representative Darin LaHood.

Representative LaHood is leading an internal congressional review of the FISA “702” reauthorization.  During the testimony, LaHood waxes philosophically about the importance of FISA-702 targeting as a tool for the FBI while simultaneously outlining how the FBI is weaponizing the tool.  At 06:24 of the video below, LaHood goes on to outline the details of the NSA noncompliance report showing how the FBI intentionally targeted him, likely because he is leading the 702 reauthorization group.

The irony here is thick.  The FBI illegally uses 702 search queries, and in the example of LaHood, it is demonstrable targeting because the search query was only for his name, so there can be no claim of “inadvertent” search result.  Simultaneously, FBI Director Chris Wray states the number of illegal FBI searches of the database is 84% improved year-over-year. In essence, the FBI is saying they are breaking the law 84% fewer times.  WATCH:


Well beyond the “cell phone metadata,” in the era of your portable transponder having internet and social media connection, just about everyone has metadata connected to a foreign person or entity.  Use the Twitter app on your phone, you are connected to foreign entities.  Use Instagram or Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram, same/same/same/same.

TicTok? Fughetaboudit.  The auspices of only looking at U.S. persons engaged in foreign contacts is totally moot.

The “702 authorities,” which is an innocuous term for a “U.S. Person“, permit DHS, DOJ, FBI and any national security apparatchik to open up your data and check you out. This is the reality of the modern era.  This total surveillance reauthorization is what the SSCI wants to permit.  It must be stopped completely.  It cannot be “reformed.”

4th Amendment – “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Either you are secure from federal search of your “private papers,” as outlined in the United States Constitution, or you are not.

There is no aspect of this “702” nonsense, where a secret court grants a secret authorization, to engage in secret surveillance, by some secret entity of government – which might be a contractor, just to “see if” you might be doing something suspicious, or against the interests of the federal government.  The premise behind “702” reauthorization is unconstitutional.

Zelensky’s Corruption

Armstrongs Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Mar 9, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Zelensky’s victory in Ukraine will be looked upon as the Judas who sold his country for a handful of silver. The corruption in Zelensky’s government is by far the greatest perhaps in the world. He is leading men and women to slaughter while half the population has fled. There is no strategic benefit to the Ukrainian people and Zelensky’s promises of ending corruption and peace with Russia for which the people voted, have been ignored.

The Ukrainian people need to rise up and save their country from total annihilation. Ukraine remains the most corrupt government in the world and they are selling the Ukrainian people for personal wealth and greed with ZERO remorse for their nation or their people. Ukrainian politicians topped all other countries for corruption and even in the Pandora Papers, 38 Ukrainian politicians have to hide cash offshore – the largest number of corrupt politicians in any other country.

The NeoNazis want everyone to think Putin is evil when they are destroying their own country and are desperately trying to drag the entire world in to destroy all Russians – their ethnic cleansing job from World War II. What is not being reported by the Western press because of Zelensky’s propaganda campaign, is that over 2.8 million “Ukrainians” have fled to Russia from the Ukrainian NeoNazis. That began when the Ukrainians massacred Russian-speaking “Ukrainians” in Odessa and burned them alive. They were beating and killing any Russian-speaking people on the streets of Odesa in May 2014 which sparked the entire separatist movement of the Donbas. Those who ran into the building for safety were burned alive.

The Ukrainian people had better rise up and overthrow Zelensky or they will not have a country left when this is over.

During House Hearing on COVID Origin, Jim Jordan Shares Suspicious Timeline of Anthony Fauci Changing Lab Leak Origin

Posted originally on the CTH on March 8, 2023 | Sundance 

When it comes to rapid fire righteous indignation, no one does it better than Republican House Representative Jim Jordan {Direct Rumble Link}.  This is one of his best.

During the House hearing today, Jordan outlined the suspicious timeline indicating how Anthony Fauci leveraged his position in government to manipulate the origin of the COVID-19 virus.  WATCH:

The full video of the hearing is also below:

Support Pfizer Whistleblower

campaign image

I’m facing uncertainty for doing what I believe is the right thing for the country. I’ve lost my job, potentially my career for taking this stand, please consider standing with me however you can. Prayers for my family at this time are definitely appreciated.

This link will take you to James OKeefe’s GiveSendGo Campaign


GiveSendGo, the place where help and hope go hand in hand.

Below is the information that she gave out …..

Can Congress Grant Immunity to Pfizer

Armstrong Economics Blog/Rule of Law Re-Posted Mar 6, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Any immunity that Congress has pretended to give Pfizer, is highly questionable if it is not in violation of the Seventh Amendment stopping people from their right to claims against Pfizer et al.  Even looking at the PREP Act Immunity from Liability for COVID-19 Vaccinators, it cannot afford immunity for willful misconduct.  What we are dealing with is a statutory grant of immunity to Pfizer and others to create vaccines with immunity.

42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22,

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”

The 7th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was intended to protect the right of every American citizen to a trial by a jury of his peers in a civil court case. The writers’ objective in drafting this amendment as an addition to the Bill of Rights was to ensure that the government would not eliminate the practice of trial by jury. The major concern here was that, if trials were decided solely by judges, the judges would, more often than not, side with the government. This would, in turn, give the government too much power. To explore this concept, consider the following 7th Amendment definition.

There was a federal appeals court that declined to grant an injunction against Indiana University’s vaccine mandate after it was challenged in a lawsuit by students who said it violates their constitutional rights. That was a separate question from what I am raising here.  The Indiana case dealt with only the constitutionality of vaccination mandates. That did not address whether or not the vaccines were ever properly tested and were in fact causing harm.

We must separate the legal argument for the objection to the mandates were all based on individual rights as in the abortion rhetoric, it’s my body, my decision. The government can generally regulate its own employees, or those it even funds with Medicaid/​Medicare. Hence, that raised the issue of people with valid religious or medical objections. All of that still proceeded upon the basic assumption that the vaccines were legal and caused no harm.

The Biden Administration virtually conceded that it did not have the constitutional authority to force every American to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Still, the Biden Administration tried to circumvent that constitutional limitation by having the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which regulates within the U.S. Labor Department workplace safety, rather than public health. OSHA’s emergency order required all employers with 100 or more employees to demand that their employees either be fully vaccinated or get a COVID-19 test at least once a week.

There is another issue that surfaced with COVID and that was that Biden had agencies issuing unconstitutional orders without authority from Congress. The Centers for Disease Control issued a prohibition against tenant evictions. That demonstrated that the Biden Administration was acting in a tyrannical manner circumventing both the Constitution and Congress. The eviction decree made it to the Supreme Court which held such a decree could only be issued with Congressional legislative action. When Congress refused, the Biden administration just ignored the Supreme Court anyhow. Then on Aug. 26, 2001, the Supreme Court in a Per Curiam decision (whole court), the Court struck down the Biden eviction moratorium. This is dealing with Biden’s abuse of executive orders ignoring Congress and the Supreme Court. That was really tyrannical. Hence, his vaccine mandate raises the very same question of Congress’ delegation of authority to administrative agencies that never granted such authority and Biden’s unconstitutional circumventing of Congress.

My question remains different If the 7th Amendment was to prevent judges who would always rule in favor of the government, then can Congress pass any statute that grants immunity to Pfizer when there is an exception even to Qualified Immunity of government agents when they act deliberately? If a Prosecutor can be charged when he DELIBERATELY violates your Constitutional Rights, then so can everyone at Pfizer!

Get at it, Lawyers! Do what you were intended to do when you took your oath.