Connecticut Jury Orders Alex Jones to Pay $965 Million to Sandy Hook Families

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 12, 2022 | Sundance 

The lawsuit alleged that Alex Jones and Infowars’ parent company, Free Speech Systems, used the Sandy Hook mass shooting to build an audience and make money.  The jury in the case ordered Alex Jones to pay $965 million to the relatives of eight victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and an FBI agent because Jones stated the 2012 mass shooting was a hoax.

As the jury verdict was read, Alex Jones was broadcasting. {Direct Rumble LinkWATCH:


It is doubtful that any of this award will be recovered by the plaintiffs.

(Via WTNH) – Here is the breakdown of what the jury decided each plaintiff should receive in total compensatory damages:

  • Robert “Robbie” Parker, father of 6-year-old Emilie Parker: $120 million
  • William Aldenberg, FBI agent and first responder: $90 million
  • Ian Hockley, father of 6-year-old Dylan Hockley: $81.6 million
  • Erica Lafferty, daughter of school principal Dawn Hochsprung: $76 million
  • Nicole Hockley, mother of 6-year-old Dylan Hockley: $73.6 million
  • Jillian Soto-Marino, sister of teacher Victoria Soto: $68.8 million
  • Carlee Soto-Parisi, sister of teacher Victoria Soto: $66 million
  • Mark Barden, father of 7-year-old Daniel Barden: $57.6 million
  • Carlos Matthew Soto, brother of teacher Victoria Soto: $57.6 million
  • David Wheeler, father of 6-year-old Ben Wheeler: $55 million
  • Francine Wheeler, mother of 6-year-old Ben Wheeler: $54 million
  • Jennifer Hensel, for the estate of Jeremy Richman and the father who died by suicide of 6-year-old Avielle Richman: $52 million
  • Donna Soto, mother of teacher Victoria Soto: $48 million
  • William Sherlach, husband of 56-year-old school psychologist Mary Sherlach: $36 million
  • Jacqueline Barden, mother of 7-year-old Daniel Barden: $28.8 million

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