Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is Up for Reelection, Steve Bannon Interviews His Republican Challenger Joe Pinion

Posted originally on the conservative house on November 2, 2022 | Sundance 

Most people are unaware that in this senate election cycle New York Senator and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is up for reelection.  National media have ignored mentioning the Schumer -vs- Pinion race.  Few people, even those in New York, realize that Chuck Schumer is on the ballot next week.

Republican candidates in New York are surging and there is a potential, slight though it might be, for Schumer to be defeated in his race.  If every New York state voter that supports Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin also votes for New York Senate Republican candidate Joe Pinion, there is a path for Schumer to be removed from office.   A removal of Chuck Schumer would be akin in scale to the Scott Brown victory for the “Kennedy seat” in Massachusetts in 2010.

Any chance of victory first starts with people realizing Chuck Schumer is on the ballot for defeat next week.  Few people are even aware of it, and the RNC along with the UniParty in Washington DC have made no mention of it.  Steve Bannon interviewed Joe Pinion {Direct Rumble Link} to discuss: WATCH:

[Joe Pinion Website Here]

What Joseph Pinion needs most right now is recognition by people in New York that this race actually exists.  There’s a reason why no one has discussed the fact that Chuck Schumer is on the ballot. There’s a reason why media has not previously outlined this race.  The outcome is entirely dependent on the people of New York realizing the opportunity that is in front of them.

New Yorkers need to vote for Lee Zeldin for governor and Joe Pinion in the senate race.

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