Moving Through the Chaos

Posted originally on the CTH on December 18, 2022 | sundance 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered a speech in Arizona at AmFest yesterday that hits home for many people. [Direct Rumble Link, at 02:21:46]  If you have not watched his full speech, I recommend it and will embed at the bottom of this post.

In part of Tucker’s unscripted remarks, a discussion about this current moment in the lifecycle of life’s storm and cultural chaos, Carlson noted his need to go silent for a few days and reflect on the bigger picture of our situation.   For me, that part of his discussion rang very familiar and perhaps, based entirely on my instinct that many are feeling the same sense of unease and trepidation, it is worthy to share why.

I was born a person of natural curiosity; intensely so.

Orderliness, natural alignment and the bigger principles of universal balance in all things, have always been important to me.  When things are chaotic and out of balance, my general inclination is to ask why.

What is happening that creates this imbalance, an imbalance ultimately from truth?

The natural order of things is so much a part of my instinctual makeup that as a young child my maternal grandfather once said and wrote to me, “son, you were born with an incurable case of curiosity, and someday it might kill you.”

Later in life I discovered the nature of that conversation stemmed from an episode where I refused to accept being taught imbalanced rules at school. My worried and intensely patient mom sought advice from her father, my granddad, in a letter I later discovered in his well-worn satchel of mementos.

Turning a phrase my mom wrote, “Dear dad, we are attempting to tame the shrewd“… Apparently, my childhood sense of curiosity was loved and cherished, but also worrisome in the way that only a mother’s wisdom could assess.

Granddad replied with a comforting dispatch to my exasperated mom, and then appeared in person a week later to help lend some practical support to my parent’s efforts.

In this context, ‘practical’ meant me and grandpa on a week-long fishing and camping trip right in the middle of the school year.  The timing was why that specific visit imprinted so memorably, yet the purpose remained unknown to me until much later in life.

From grandpa’s conversations I learned there are natural laws and basic rules in this universal thing we call life.  They are seeded within us, deep into our souls, from the miracle of birth and creation.  We inherently know things, we sense things, and it is only as an outcome of immersion in the world of unnatural laws and man-made rules, that we begin to be disconnected from them.

This is the God factor in life, the thing that is bigger than ourselves, that various religions and philosophers have noted and discussed.

At birth we know right from wrong. We are born with an instinctual knowledge that hurting others is bad and helping others is good. We know from birth the difference between true and false, this is the part that caused the immediate issue with my younger self questioning the school learning.

My 11-year-old self was worrying that we were losing catch bait time that second morning, meanwhile grandpa was frustratingly and mysteriously ambivalent about the sunrise.

Instead, my scruffy hero in life said to me while boiling coffee, there are natural states of existence, natural instincts, that transcend learned outcomes and consequences.

Touch fire and get burned is a learned outcome, knowing the difference between right and wrong, between love and anger, is not.

In essence, if you follow the natural flow of things, you arrive to realize that “emotions are not learned; we are born with them.”

Think about that deeply.  Emotions are not learned; we are born with them…  The implications are enormous.

“Penguins are birds that needed to swim, not fly, so they evolved wings into flippers, but man’s emotions were present from day one and never wavered.”  Odd, breakfast conversation.  Then comes a cuss word which always drew my grins and attention. “We also know all about four factors of energy, the two nuclear sciences, fusion and fission, hell we are reliant on the third, electromagnetic, yet we have no damned clue how the gravity one works.”

Yup, there’s me standing, listening, a cast net in one hand and bucket in the other… slowly realizing the bait ain’t the priority.  “Kid, it just isn’t a coincidence that three of the four energy factors are created by man and the last one is unique to God.”

Suddenly the clarity surfaced, grandpas got a point.  The man-made transformation of energy into electricity we understand; however, when it comes to the one factor of energy that God created, we’re clueless.  Hence that Einstein guy saying, he “wants to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details.

Why would you be born with an inherent natural gift to feel emotion?  Why do we have the ability to feel joy, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, guilt, fear, love, grief etc, if the human condition was only based on biological perpetuation?

We carry emotion as a human trait because the answer lies in the heart of our God’s intent, our purpose.    You were born knowing right from wrong, good from bad, and knowing the difference between fear and hope.  We were all born with a spiritual purpose and created by a loving God.

It takes effort to remain living among men yet connected to the natural state, or what grandpa described as “God’s natural order.”

The effort requires a person to separate themselves from the unnatural outcomes of man’s manipulations, rules and unnatural order.  In common speak we must make an effort, literally think about it and take action, to create distance from chaos and return our mindsets to the natural order we were born with.

Ultimately, prayer and even church are an outcome of prior thoughtful human leadership recognizing our need to sit still and return to our natural state.

Right now, in this modern era within the United States and perhaps the larger western world, almost every structured system is in a state of chaos.  Control mechanisms and man-made manipulations are being deployed everywhere in order to steer the outcomes amid this chaotic storm.

I think back to that sunrise and my grandfather’s words.  I think about my efforts to help as a guide reconciling the ‘why questions’.  I will have a bit more soon on the importance of understanding the situation in order to see the appropriate place to put the pressure and achieve natural balance.

However, in the interim, and after watching his full presentation, I have this deep sense that Tucker Carlson will be a stabilizing force as a guide for his grandkids.

[Video at 02:21:46]

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