Republican House Rules Package Passes, All Republicans Vote Support Except Two Texans

Posted originally on the CTH on January 9, 2023 | sundance 

I get a lot of flak for saying Texas is the next Georgia when it comes to professional politics and the ideological shift from Red to Blue.  However, the grief matters not, because the reality of Texas turning left is very real even if Texans don’t want to admit it; here’s yet another datapoint.  The only two GOP congressmen who did not support the reformed rules package were both from Texas.  Representative Tony Gonzales voted against it, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, did not vote.

Overall, the House of Representatives passed the rules package Monday night 220-213 with relatively little drama. It was the first order of business for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s new majority on the first day of the 118th legislative session. The 55-page package includes most of the concessions McCarthy made to the conservative caucus.

The new rules include the motion to vacate provision, allowing just one member to make a motion to remove the House speaker – one of the top conservative demands that will keep McCarthy in check.

WASHINGTON DC – The House rules plan that amounted to Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s first legislative victory on Monday night brings much bigger consequences than 55 pages suggest — it will shape the chamber’s operations and what bills can win approval over the next two years.

Adoption of the rules package is a routine step in setting up any new Congress, but what is traditionally seen as a “housekeeping” issue will effectively determine how Republicans can govern the chamber. That’s why the rules measure was the centerpiece of high-stakes negotiations between McCarthy and the crop of rebellious conservatives who kept from the gavel for much of last week, talks that started just after the House was called for Republicans in November.

[…] At the heart of the rules push by rank-and-file conservatives, including many in the Freedom Caucus, is a desire to shape a more inclusive legislative process that concentrates less power with leadership. To that end, they have secured promises from leaders that aren’t formally written down in the rules, such as allowing more amendments to be considered on the floor and more widely distributing committee positions. (more)

We have a few more election cycles to stop the arc of history from repeating itself.  However, it is best to be prepared just in case….  Because if the slow descent into controlled chaos and big government dependency continues, the more self-sufficient you are – the longer you will be able to retain a freedom lifestyle of familiar reference.

Stay gray and remember, the potato alliance grows underground and gains multiple eyes in sunlight.

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