President Trump Reflects on Losing Good Friends, Lisa Marie Presley and Diamond

Posted originally on the CTH on January 13, 2023 | Sundance 

President Trump participates in a telephone interview with Dr Gina on Real America’s Voice {Direct Rumble Link}.  Before discussing the latest political news, President Trump reflects on his personal memories of both Lisa Marie Presley and Lynette Hardaway, aka “Diamond”.

President Trump and First Lady Melania had recently hosted a dinner party attended by Priscilla Presley and gives some personal insight into the loss of her daughter Lisa Marie in addition to the tragic loss of dear friend Lynette Hardaway from “Diamond and Silk.”  Additionally, President Trump talks about the purpose of supporting Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker and the expectations for congress moving forward.

Dr. Gina also asks President Trump about the betrayals with staffing appointments and people within the administration, and how to avoid the issue in the future. WATCH:

Full Interview Of the 45th President Donald J Trump

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