RNC Chair Candidate Brags About Bagging Another Whale

Posted originally on the CTH on January 13, 2023 | Sundance

The RNC cares about one issue, money. That’s it folks…. that is the only issue that matters.  Generating money for their own affluence.  That is the single most important issue for the RNC.  On this core and defining issue there is not a scintilla of difference between Ronna McDaniel and Harmeet Dhillon.

Ask the MAGA vote if money in politics is a corrupting influence, and the overwhelming majority will say yes.

Here is a case study in how battered conservatives cannot accept what is, instead they pretend it is what they wish it to be.   Harmeet Dhillon is bragging about landing another multibillion-dollar endorsement.  That is her priority. That is her only priority.  Is it yours?

The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money. The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology. This is the only current difference between the two clubs, two wings of the same vulture.”

The club members are so entrenched, so detached from the dynamic of representative government, they genuinely do not see the bigger picture of their advocacy.  In essence, what RNC Chairwoman Harmeet Dhillon is celebrating – is the process of a select group of billionaire donors and multinational corporations funding the American political system.

They cannot even see themselves.  It’s just the business-as-usual process.  Dhillon is excited about getting the support of a billionaire donor for her effort to run the private corporation known as the Republican National Committee.  A handful of selected big club donors who control the outcomes of a party-political system that is entirely detached from the base voters at the bottom of the pyramid. (read more)

Harmeet will keep generating these press releases without even the slightest reservation about what she is really saying to the public.

She doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

She doesn’t see a single thing wrong with billionaire owners controlling the political club known as the RNC.

Not only does she not see anything wrong with it, but she’s also openly advocating for it.

The only thing the RNC cares about is money.

That’s it.

The DNC wants to win elections.  The RNC wants money.

To the RNC the elections are a means to their ends (getting money).  Elections are not the ends.

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