DeSantis Management and Branding Team Schedule Nationwide Book Tour in Advance of 2024 Announcement

Posted originally on the CTH on February 9, 2023 | Sundance

If you start from the baseline that everything in federal U.S. politics is a construct to be managed by the financial stakeholders who ultimately control all policy, then things make more sense.   Through this prism you can spot the proactive moves, positions and predictable patterns organized by those in control – what has previously been labeled as “The Big Club.”

“Moving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into position for 2024, with careful branding and management, is one large Republican Club operation done with forethought and intent.”

There are obviously trillions at stake, and people are now more awake to how that matters in the bigger picture of controlled corporate politics.  Remember, the RNC and DNC are private corporations, essentially private clubs, who operate to the benefit of the major donor membership.

The major club donors are those who have vested interests in domestic or multinational political policy; therefore, the controlling elements of each private corporation are the primary stakeholders in the outcome of the policy the political clubs create through selected candidates.  The Wall St billionaires, hedge funds, multinational corporations etc, essentially make investments by trying to control outcomes.

At its core, the financial outcomes of policy are the motives of the donor investments. This simple truth needs constant reminders, because it’s not a conspiracy to see the planning, organization and manipulation that goes into club politics. In this reference, the GOP club.

Just as Big Tech is in the targeting business to remove users and rebellious voices adverse to their ideological interests, so too does the Big Republican Club carry the same motive and intent.  The financial people associated with Republican politics are ruthless, and their tentacles are everywhere.  In the 2016 election they were caught off-guard, negatively impacted by the America First policies of Donald Trump, and now in 2024 taking additional steps, aggressive steps, to ensure a tighter control system.

Big Con is just as destructive as Big Tech, as both are motivated by the same dynamic.  In 2024,we are going to see a far more violent, in the desperate sense of the word, response from Big Con.  When the people inside the GOPe club have their money threatened, they get extremely brutal.  No one attacks the Republican base voter with more vitriol than the Republicans who control the club system.

Not enough people understand this dynamic, and too few MAGA  ‘America First’ voices realize the scale of how severely the Republican Club hates them.

The Republican Club organizes their plan, and they will seek to destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way.  There are trillions at stake, and multiple billions inside those trillions are directly in the controlling bank accounts of the Republican Club operators.

When you find yourself facing a revelation and saying, ‘they would never do that,’ pause for a moment and recognize how severe the control issue is from their side of the dynamic.  Yes, they would do that. They would do anything and everything.

This acceptance, albeit challenging to comprehend in scope and scale, is the accurate backdrop to review all of the groundwork and money, the Republican Big Club operators put into pre-planning and Machiavellian schemes.  Their #1 goal is control.

The scale of their intent is also the accurate backdrop to view moves they have previously made, moves they are making, and moves they have yet to make.  It is through this prism that you can see the scale of proactive effort the Republican Club operators have put into their Ron DeSantis operation.

Going all the way back to December 2021, when DeSantis handler Christina Pushaw set about the first steps of inviting conservative influencers into the DeSantis orbit in Florida, a meeting that took place on January 6, 2022, nothing from that moment to this was organic or unplanned.

Moving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into position for 2024 with careful branding and management, is one large Republican Club operation done with forethought and intent.   Everything is managed, scripted and executed according to a long-term plan.

The DeSantis management and branding team even created a private digital media operation called Florida’s Voice, specifically to promote Ron DeSantis in the state [SEE HERE].  They push out daily pro-DeSantis media articles to feed the conscripted influencers.   If you notice, there is a DeSantis communication strategy similar to what we see coming through the State Dept and Ukraine, it’s not accidental.  That’s what Pushaw was hired to do.

Through the Florida Voice outlet a promotional announcement is made on behalf of Ron DeSantis.  The DeSantis team is releasing the promotional book on February 28th, and the principle will travel to Texas, California, Alabama and several other states as part of the “book tour” which is really the campaign for 2024 without having to admit it’s the campaign for 2024.  [READ MORE HERE]

You see, the problem the DeSantis people have in the long-term planning, is the need to hide how long they have planned this out.

Once people become aware the DeSantis in ’24 operation has been planned since 2021, all of the ‘grassroots’ organic patina disappears, and people will recognize it’s astroturf.

You know who the Republican Club and Big Con hate more than me?…. Donald Trump.

However, Ron DeSantis in 2024 is the single best opportunity to wipe out an entire generation of fake conservatives, Big Con, controlled Wall Street alt media, and ancillary professional grifters.   #SlavaUkraini!

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