Katie Hopkins Explains the Background Issues of GBNews Against Mark Steyn Departure

Posted originally on the CTH on February 9, 2023 | Sundance

“Controlled opposition” is a term that is thrown around quite loosely by anyone who ends up disagreeing with an outlook of conservative punditry.  However, as it has become increasingly obvious, the GBNews organization is the very definition of ‘controlled opposition.’

GBNews pundit Mark Steyn refused to adhere to the new compliance rules of the organization, and also refused to indemnify the outlet against any lawsuits filed as a result of Mark Steyn’s commentary [Background Here].  Against the backdrop of Steyn’s public explanation for his departure, conservative pundit Katie Hopkins decides it is time for the truth about the GBNews outlet to be openly discussed.  WATCH:

Within Britain, all media speech is monitored by the Office of Communications (OfComm), where official government censors track commentary according to regulatory and compliance rules established by the government.

As noted by Steyn in the contract he rejected: “To the extent that the presenter and/or the US producers do not incorporate Ofcom regulatory input into an edition of the program, this shall be considered a material breach of this agreement, and the Mark Steyn Company shall indemnify GB News for any and all direct loss, liability, costs, including reasonable legal costs, damages, or expenses that it suffers as a result of any regulatory breach.”

GBNews acquiesced to the thought police, and Mark Steyn is rightly leaving. Good for him.

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