Project Veritas Digs Deeper Hole – Releases Statement Pretending Hostile Coup Against O’Keefe Never Happened

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 15, 2023 | Sundance

Everything about this statement from Project Veritas is an exhibition in trying to cover their ass.

Two weeks later…. they release a statement, essentially saying there was never an issue between the board of directors, employees of Project Veritas and James O’Keefe.  If there never was an issue, why wait for two weeks to deny it?   Yeah, the problems start with the central falsity and go downhill from there.

Obviously, Project Veritas realized the scale of the backlash against them, and they are now trying to backtrack.

Without James O’Keefe there is no Project Veritas. It looks like the team at the organization realized this truth.

The part about not having any political preferences with a candidate running for office is particularly interesting and false, considering the signatories of the statement.

That’s Matthew Tyrmand with the microphone:

This outcome reminds me 100% of the construct around Ron DeSantis.

When everything is fabricated, it gets harder and harder to keep up pretenses.  Eventually inherent hypocrisies lead to people seeing through it all.  Once the public see through it, the fabricated system starts to collapse.  Once things start to collapse, the people pushing the fraud start retreating because it’s a race to the exits in order to retain their grift and income.  Everyone involved in the originating fabrication then starts to deny involvement.

Matthew Tyrmand thought he could take down James O’Keefe.  He failed.  Now everyone associated with the effort starts denying they were involved.

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